Stand firm

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            “Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft,      
                  and did wax stronger and stronger in their               
                  and firmer and firmer in
the faith of Christ,         
                             unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea,
even to the purifying                
                              and the sanctification of their hearts,
which sanctification cometh because of their             
                 yielding their hearts unto God.”
                              -Helaman 3:35

 The only way to find true joy is through staying firm in the faith. I know that in these later days the influences of the adversary are stronger than ever. The pressure to be pretty and popular is more prevalent than ever before. We can not yield to the adversary. Not even a little bit. Because it is in those moments when we let our armor down when the piranhas jump out of the water and bite on to our flesh. While our wounds can be healed with the Band-Aids and stitches that Jesus Christ has provided us, we will still feel pain. Repentance does not come without pain and heart ache. Our wounds may heal, but we will always have a scar as a reminder to never let down our armor again. Because it would be much easier if we would have just kept our armor on in the first place.
Today Satan’s tactics are different than they have ever been before. He targets us with strong bate that dangles in front of our eyes every time we turn on the TV or computer. You can not walk the hallways at school and not see the influence he has had on the world today. You can not avoid everything he has to throw at you, but you can avoid much more by the decisions you make. You have the power to steer clear of much of the nasty that he has to offer. If you make an effort to avoid his temptation you will have an easier time when faced with it.
I’m not saying you must all quit listening to music, or watching TV, but I am challenging you to re-think what you chose to watch. I am not perfect, and I have my faults, but I will give my best effort to do the same. Because when you really think about it, Is listening to that one song really worth it in the end? Would that new outfit that shows off your shoulders and the exact shape of your legs really make you feel beautiful if you were standing in front of the Savior?
I am not trying to tell you what you should or should not do, because It is not my place for that. We are all human and we all make mistakes, that is why I am encouraging you to strive to be better. We can all benefit from being a little better. We can all benefit from being a little stronger when it comes to the temptations of Satin.
Our strength does not come in the same way that the world thinks it does. It does not come from running long distances, or lifting large weights. It comes from constant prayer, and regular scripture study. I have learned for myself that the more I do these two things, as well as attend church and other things like that, I become stronger and am more able to resist the temptation of the devil.
Let us all band together as an army ready to fight. Because we are already at war. We are fighting a fight where the enemy can’t bee seen. We are fighting a fight that will prove fatal to many souls. It will not be a physical death, but a spiritual death that will come when we yield to the temptations of Satin.
Lets make an effort to lift our brothers and pull them to safety. I think we worry too much about what people will think of us if we talk to them about the gospel, but we should be worried about what will happen to them if we don’t .
Our time is now, and we must fight. Stand firm in the faith.
Feel my Sunlight

p.s. So I haven’t blogged much as of late because I have been spending my time trying to link my blog up to Facebook and Twitter. So far I have accounts on both, but haven’t decided if I want to hassle linking up and using them. Would this be beneficial to my readers or would you all rather just read strait from my blog? Just a thought.

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