What I love today

I love when people tell me they read my blog. I also love when I nail something and my coach cheers for me. I love when I can feel the eyes of the little ones watching me and when I can hear their cute little voices say “lets go Whitney!” behind me right before I tumble. I love temple trips with friends. I love that even though the two closest temple were closed today, the furthest one was still only 30 minutes away. I love when my former students run up and give me hugs. I love things that remind me of EFY. I love filling my journal and I love the things that fill my journal. These are the things I love today.
Oh! I also love this quote…

“If a man owns a million dollars worth of gold, he possesses approximately one 27-billionth of all the gold that is present in the earths thin crust alone. This is an amount so small in proportion as to be inconceivable to the mind of man. But there is more to this: The Lord who created and has power over all the earth created many other earths as well, even “worlds without number” (Moses 1:33); and when this man received the oath and covenant of the priesthood, he received a promise from the Lord of ‘all that my Father Hath’ (D&C 84:38)”

-President Spencer W. Kimball
And lastly, I love songs that are titled “home”.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Uh, so what’s with this whole no-upper-levels-showing-up-to-tumbling-and-leaving-Whitney-to-fend-for-herself-thing? Well I’ll have you know I had a fantastic time during adventure time with Steph and you didn’t get to participate. Ha!

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