Blogtember day 4

I love people a whole lot. They bring me so much joy. I also like music, and limes, and parties, and my level 4 students, and food, and best friends, and happy. I like happy.

So for today’s blogtember post we are to tell a story about a time we were very afraid.

I don’t have a lot of normal fears like heights or public speaking, but I do have fears that not many people can say they have ever had.

My greatest fears are always mental blocks. I get mental blocks at tumbling all the time and I know it is my greatest weakness as a tumbler. Mental blocks are when you get fear of doing a skill you can do just fine for no particular reason. When you get mental blocks it’s as if you know you can do the skill but for some reason you just can’t get your body to do it. They are no fun because you get frustrated, your coach gets mad, and overcoming them requires you to overcome the fear. It’s brought tears to my life more than anything else ever has.

I get them all the time and have had them at least once on almost every skill I have ever learned. I remember one of the worst was when I was suddenly afraid of tumbling into the foam pit. I remember my awesome coach Lance, my amazing team mate Shawn, and my wonderful dad staying at the gym with me until late at night after everyone had left to try to help me get over this fear. I remember several times where they told me I couldn’t go home until I had tumbled into the pit. We stayed at the gym until 11:00 several times and I remember a few times when I would just sit at the end of the floor and cry I was so scared. It took a lot of work and love and support from Lance, Shawn, and my dad, but I eventually overcame this fear and I could never be more thankful for them for helping me overcome that.

That’s about it for my biggest fear. Here is an awesome Mormon message that has brought me so much peace in times of fear.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. seriously, I love life right now.

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