blogtember day nine

blogtember day 9: A self portrait.
So here you have it! This is what I look like most of the time. Rocking the warmups and forever incorperating tumbling into my life. Pretty cool I know. I forgot to blog yesterday so if you really want to know how social media has changed me let me know, otherwise, I am skipping day 8.
So my blogger friends people in the blogger world that I don’t actually know, yet spend a lot of my time pouring over their blogs investing in every detail of their lives are adding an “update on your life” to their self portrait posts. I figured I’d do the same.
Right now I am in CE digital media. {I’m pretty sure this class was made for me. Blogging, and Phogoshop AND I get colledge credit for it? Yes please!} Today is the homeocoming game and I am so excited. I am loving school and at the moment have the best grades I have had since 7th grade. I am still tumbling and work as a tumbling coach, which means I end up at the gym just about every day and I love it.
I recently started attending mission prep and the fact that I can even say that is freaking me out a little. I miss the things of the past, but the future is exciting. Although I have moments when I long for the days spent reciting Shakespeare, or the late nights at the gym with team mates, I am happy where I am now, and am excited about where I’m going.
That’s basically my life right now. And I love it.
feel my sunlight
p.s. It’s Friday the thriteent today. Not as fun as Tuesday the seventeenth, but still fun. #Psych!

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