Watch the conductor

Sorry I’ve been a little bit absent… ops

So I wanted to do a quick post to catch up (and by “quick” I mean I have 13 minutes. I’m typing fast.)

I am going to refer you over to an article about the Lords second coming HERE and I ask you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to read it! It is fantastic and I just love it.

So on the topic of the second coming I want you to imagine for a second you are at a concert hall, ballet, or some other performance with an orchestra. I want you to immagine the moment right before the curtains open. What happens?

It starts with a single note and surges into every member of the orchestra tuning in to be led by the conductor.

I imagine this in context with the second coming. Our prophet, Thomas S. Monson made the announcement on October 6th, 2012 that the missionary age requirements would be lowered.


A single note.

And we, the world, responded with tuning our selves to play that same note. The number of missionaries out today have grown significantly since that announcement has been made and they continue to grow. Those of us at home have also “caught the wave” of missionary work in sharing our testimonies with those around us.

What is this building up to?

This is building up to the moment when we turn our eyes to the conductor. The “conductor” is our Savior and when he comes again he will lead us in the most magnificent events the world has ever seen. We must always be ready and watching him for when the performance starts.

Be ready, and preform your heart out, for the time of His coming is soon at hand.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. BOOM! How’s that for 13 minutes?!

4 thoughts on “Watch the conductor

  1. Sarah K. says:

    What a great analogy! I had never thought of missionary work that way before, but you are so right. We are musicians playing a wonderful new song of missionary work as we are led by the best conductor ever. That thirteen minutes yielded a post of pure awesomeness. Yo go girl!


  2. Eliza says:

    So true! I never thought of it that way! When I first heard this announcement I was in tears because I felt so happy! I guess it was the Spirit telling me that missionary work is here for divine purposes, and that these truly are the final days!


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