Guess what everybody! I’m a REAL blogger now!!

I got a big fancy pants camera from Santa and I’m very excited about it. For those of you who were wondering its a Canon Rebel xsi. Pictures of random objects to come.

I thought I’d do a quick post before we go to breakfast at our cousin’s house to wish you all a very


Last night we had our annual Christmas Eve party at my Grandparent’s house. We did white elephants and I think mine requires to be shared. This is my family… as the Avengers. Enjoy!

Here are a few free printables/e-cards for your Christmas holiday. Feel free to print/share/save them!

AANNNDDD… for the spiritual portion of this Christmas facebook post.

Here are two videos that I highly recommend you watch if you haven’t already. If you have seen them feel free to watch them again. They are FANTASTIC! I especially enjoy the adorable little lamb in the first video. So adorable.

I’d like to add my testimony to the videos above. Christ’s birth was the most significant event in the history of mankind, but without the things he did during his life his birth would be just that, another birth. I know that he suffered for our sins, our pains, and our afflictions, and he ultimately died for us so that we can return to live with him. We are here on this earth to become more like him and I pray that this Christmas can be a reminder to you of what he did FOR YOU. Let him in your life and follow him. He loves you.

Merry Christmas!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. My readers are my favorite. They really are.

4 thoughts on “H A P P Y C H R I S T M A S

  1. Marie-Rose says:

    Beautiful post, I applaud your semi-randomness 🙂 also, I was not aware that one had to have a fancy pants camera to be considered a REAL blogger. Congrats on becoming a REAL blogger 😉

    <3 Marie-Rose


  2. WhitneySue says:

    haha thanks! it's kind of a joke with my tumbling team that one of my old coaches started. Whenever I would stick a new trick, or do a new skill, or fix something I'd been working on for a long time she would yell “Whitney! You're a real tumbler now!!” So I figured getting a nice camera would make me a “real blogger”.


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