Come unto Christ 2014 theme

Whoa!  Two blog posts in two days? I’m rockin it!

The year 2013 ends tomorrow. That means we have a new youth theme.

The theme for 2014 is…drum roll…. “Come Unto Christ”

Now I want you to click right HERE and watch THIS VIDEO
(I’m having issues with the embedded code and it won’t let me put the video right onto my blog so the link will have to do.)
{Notice the first girl that sings. Her name is Noel and I used to tumble with her. I think she is pretty dang awesome and an incredible singer. Way to rock the 2014 theme Noel!}

I think this is a theme that is evenly applied to everyone on this earth. We could all come a little closer to Christ weather you have never heard his name before and are just learning of him, or you have known him before but you have let his presence slip from your life, or even if you have him in your life, you could always use a little more time with him.

I think that by coming unto Christ we are also coming unto happiness. Like I said In my last post Christ brings happiness and he is the only way to achieve true happiness. Like I said before, I know this because I’ve tried it. Christ brings happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy?

One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is when King Lamoni realizes of the truth of Christ and the glory of God because of the example of Ammon.

“The light which did light up his mind,
 which was the light of the glory of God
which was a marvelous light of his goodness
this light had infused such joy into his soul
the cloud of darkness having been dispelled.”
           -Alma 19:6

Dispel the darkness and let the light into your life. Raise the curtains a little higher and open the window a little brighter, for he wants to shine his light on you, you just have to let him.

What are you going to do to let him in?
feel my sunlight

p.s. Um, so you know how most people take a break from things like exercise during the holidays? Ya somebody must have forgotten to tell my coach that because I can’t move. Good thing we have Steph around to make us work because comp season starts in 20 days and ahhhhhhh!

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