Imagine the feeling of a car slamming into a cement wall. The immediate devastation that comes from the destruction is intensive, but the events that follow the crash are what really define the situation. The cuts and scrapes show where you got hurt, but even though your face is numb and bleeding and your neck is sore, you are suddenly aware of each breath you take. And with each breath you take you find more and more joy. It is a joyous thing to be alive, but sometimes we need impacts to remind us what really matters.
There are a series of impacts that happen inside us, to us, and around us, but what follows those impacts is what we call life. The word subsequenttells the story of what comes after the impact. The word subsequent is my word. It is the world that matches every single part of me. Whether it be an unintended repercussion, or a welcomed reward, everything in my life is a subsequent result.
I have been working as a tumbling coach for almost five years. This incredible opportunity subsequently followed the fact that I was a hard worker during practice and my coach took notice of my effort. This effort has brought me countless other things in addition to the best job in the world, including lifelong friendships, and opportunities to travel and compete all over the U.S. at local competitions, state championships, National championships, and international invitational. But while much good has come from tumbling, it has also resulted in my fair share of last place finishes, and injuries. My life greatly revolves around tumbling, and that is all subsequent to my dreams as a young girl, and my effort that followed it.
While tumbling is a big part of my life, it is only small potatoes compared to all the other parts that make up me. I am a series of results. I play guitar because I was inspired by a tumbling coach that used to sit on the side of the floor and play to us during competitions. I love Narnia because it reminds me of my childhood best friend. I hate driving on the freeway because I’ve been in several car accidents. I love grapefruit juice because my dad used to always buy it for us when we went on vacation. I am a proud church girl because I have received so much good from God that I want to give something back to him, which is the same reason I serve on seminary council. My lack of vertical altitude is a result of my genetics. And I write this blog because I want to share the impacts of my life with the world.
Everything I love is subsequent to an experience I’ve had, everything I hate is subsequent to something that made me oppose it, everything I desire is subsequent to a dream, everything I’ve achieved is subsequent to effort, everything I’ve lost is subsequent to lack of effort, every experience that I live is subsequent to a decision, every piece of my life is subsequent to a piece of the universe. My life is a series of impacts, and what subsequently follows.

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