Which wolf will you feed?

Read Al’s blog post HERE!
I just read this blog post over on Al Fox Caraway’s blog and oh boy! It’s one I want every single person to read. Find it HERE
In this blog post she talks about “the secret to have your best life” and I couldn’t have needed this more at any other time.

 She starts off her blog post with a quote by Wayne Dyer that says:
“I have two wolves barking inside of me. The first wolf is filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, and mostly revenge. The second wolf inside of me is filled with love, kindness, compassion, and mostly forgiveness.‘Which wolf do you think will win?’ the young boy inquired. The grandfather responded, ‘Whichever one I feed.’”  
                                                    (—Wayne Dyer)
I love so much that she shared this quote. And I feel like that even though we possess both wolves inside of us and we have the option to feed both animals, the first wolf is more aggressive. It demands to be fed in a way that is unavoidable. It fights hard for our attention and doesn’t leave us alone until we feed it. And while the first wolf is demanding to be fed, the second wolf sits quietly watching. The second wolf doesn’t fight as hard and doesn’t threaten to hurt us. The second wolf is more like a guide dog (or maybe like a mini guide horse like Sugarfoot on Heartland! haha) It is patient and wants to help us. The second wolf is the wolf that deserves to be fed, but by the time the first wolf is satisfied, there is nothing left for the second.
As is our war with our self worth. Satan wants us to feel bad about ourselves and he spends so much energy trying to convince us that we are worth nothing. He has nothing good to offer us, but still we let him convince us we don’t measure up. And after you’ve spent so much energy looking in the mirror telling yourself you aren’t good enough, there is no energy left inside you to remind you of your magnificent self worth.
Al goes on in her blog post to talk about comparison. Right before I read her post I was sitting there thinking about how much farther some of my tumbling teammates had progressed over the last couple of years, and how much I have been stuck in a stationary point. Four years ago I competed level 8 against one of my best friends, and this coming year I am pushing for 9. But even level 9 is a maybe. While this teammate is working towards becoming a senior elite (the highest level in tumbling). 
This green envy monster likes to pick on me when it comes to tumbling. I love all my teammates so much and they are truly some of my best friends, but I sometimes wonder why they have been able to go so far and why I have been stuck in the same place for so long. I put in just as much effort and sometimes more. I attend the exact same practices, I have the same coaches, and I follow the same work progression. But still, I fall behind.
So I was sitting here reading Al’s blog post and pondering all the ways I have fallen behind when one line she wrote stuck out to me:

God does not define you by your faults or shortcomings, but by your heart and potential.”


It was then that I realized I had been approaching my self worth all wrong. It isn’t about how cute your clothes are, because clothes are just things you wear to be modest; it isn’t about good you are at tumbling, because tumbling is just a form of exercise; It is about what you have inside you. It’s about how you treat others. It’s about how you combat adversity and about your relationship with God. It is about your potential.

When God looks at two people he doesn’t think “oh… Sara is so much better than Emily because she drew a better line on her eyelid today.” In fact, God doesn’t compare us at all. So why should we? Why is it that to the world, the outgoing girl in the cheer uniform with the perfect makeup is worth more than the quiet girl with the book that has only put on makeup twice in her life? Because it isn’t true.

We are all worth the world in God’s eyes.

I love this statement by Al that says;
“the secret to having your best life is seeing you the way God sees you and knowing it. When you look in the mirror next, look longer and deeper.
Learn to not be so self critical because you are so beautiful in the eyes of God. His thoughts toward you are more numerous then you could even begin to imagine.”
I love this so much because I have found it to be true in my own life. When I forget about comparing myself and I am focused on the more important things like serving others, I begin to feed the wolf that deserves to be fed. I begin to realize how God sees me, and how God sees those around me.

You are a child of great worth.

feel my sunlight
p.s. It’s the second week of school already? Yay for senior year!!! 

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