Exciting happenings

New pictures from Multnomah Falls in Oregon up on the Portfolio Site!

Happy Sunday my friends!!!

I’m in this really bad habit of starting blog posts and then not finishing them. Which explains my lack of posts. haha ops.

I was writing the other day when my mom said to me “how do you have so much to write about?” haha well to answer your question mom, I guess the more you write, the more you have to write!

And oh my GOOD-NESSSSS there are so many things to be excited about.

Exciting happenings:

1) I have been invited to coach competition team. This is a great opportunity and is proof that things really do work themselves out and that God really is involved in the details of our lives. God cares.

2) I turn 18 on Thursday! That’s 4 days away!!! WHOOO!

3) The Ogden temple celebration is this Saturday! After many long practices I am so excited to be able to join together with so many other youth in celebration of this awesome gift the Lord has given us.

4) The Ogden Temple will be dedicated next Sunday! The Ogden temple has been under renovation since I was a 12 year old. It is so exciting to finally have my temple back. By far the greatest 18th birthday present I could ask for!

 5) Conference is coming up soon! For us Mormons the Conference excitement is about the equivalent of Christmas. Conference is an opportunity for everyone to listen to living prophets speak. For me it means the tradition of watching church on TV in my pajamas, It means the tradition of making food with my family, and most importantly it means hearing the things the prophets of God have to say. Every time I watch I receive something that seems to be directed specifically to me. It will be broadcasted on TV, the radio, and online in several places and to learn more about where you can watch or listen to conference CLICK HERE! I encourage everyone, Mormon or not, to tune in to this incredible experience on October 4th and 5th. I promise you won’t regret watching!!!

So many fun things. Things are happening and life is swell. In the words of C.S. Lewis:

I love this so much because it speaks truth about the reality of life. Too often we find ourselves reminiscing on the past and wishing we were still there. I feel that sometimes we forget that God has a plan for our future, and not just for our past.  We can’t see the big picture so we just assume that there isn’t one. God has exciting plans for us, but in order to accomplish those things we must sometimes give up things we desire, suffer trial, and often ride into battle.

After all, you cannot be crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia, until after the battle is won.

The question is not; “who will win” for we already know the outcome of the battle, the question is rather; “what side will we be on?” Because while we already know that God’s army will win, it is up to us to decide if we will be fighting for him or against him. And if we decide to fight for him we will find that he has great reward for us. We will find that we become heirs to the kingdom of God, a gift in which I will gladly ride into battle for.

feel my sunlight

p.s. I wrote an ENTIRE blog post. Snaps and claps for me!!!

2 thoughts on “Exciting happenings

  1. Shelby says:

    I am so excited for conference too! And that is so exciting the Ogden Temple is reopening! I am struggling with that same problem lately- you should see how many drafts I have:) I am SO glad everything is working out with gym! I know that must have been a hard decision to quit competing- but isn't it amazing how the Lord always has a plan for us? Hope you're having an amazing day! Happy (early) Birthday:)!


  2. WhitneySue says:

    So many exciting things! It's so awesome! And sometimes we have to remember that our timing is not the Lord's timing, and that the Lord is exceptional at timing and we just need to trust him. haha I'm learning a lot about that right now. Thanks for the happy early birthday comment! 🙂


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