autumn is my favorite holiday

Happy October!

On Sunday all the Laurels in my ward were piled in a car on our way to visit a one of our wonderful girls who wasn’t at church. While riding in the car we were discussing how much we liked autumn when one of the girls said “fall is my favorite holiday” meaning to say “fall is my favorite season.” We laughed hard and later decided that fall was defiantly a holiday. Therefore it should be celebrated.

I love fall. Not in the stereotypical pumpkin-spice-everything-loving-white-girl kinda way, but more in the I’ve-been-living-on-this-earth-for-18-years-and-have-never-noticed-how-pretty-changing-leaves-are-until-now kinda way, which is why I’ve reticently created a Pinterest board titled “Autumn is my favorite holiday” which makes me so darn happy and boy am I itching for some fall photo sessions! And I’m also lovin’ fall in the man-all-these-bloggers-are-going-on-cool-fall-adventures-I-want-an-adventure-kinda-way. And to satisfy that need I am going zip lining this weekend and I can’t even stand how excited I am!

And oh how exciting this moment in time is for so many reasons. I love how the change in seasons always brings so much excitement. Here is my list of excitings for the foreseeable future. (yes, I did just decide to turn ‘exciting’ into a noun… deal with it.)

1. Homecoming Football Game this Friday!! Always an exciting thing about fall.
2. Zip lining on Saturday. Happy birthday to me!
3. General Conference. What?! That is this week?! You bet it is! Conference is my very most favorite thing ever. (It is equivalent to Christmas.) Y’all had better watch it!
4. Meet the Mormons. That cool new movie that is coming out on October 10th about those people called the Mormons (hint hint I’m a “Mormon”). I can’t wait to see this movie and for the world to see just what the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints (aka the Mormons) is all about! Check out this awesome movie trailer!

5.Witch Fest at Gardner Village. Seriously the best part of Halloween.
6. Food. The food is always better when it’s cold outside.
7. Family and friends. Because I’m really enjoying the people around me right now. People are really great.

So I’m excited for fall and life is awesome. What else is new?

feel my sunlight

p.s. If you haven’t checked out this yet… you should. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll share more about it later.

P.s.s. Even though it’s fall I’m wearing flip flops today… Because a little piece of my heart still wants summer.

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