happy things

Today was the most beautiful day and I don’t even know why. Everything just feels right.
Isn’t the Ogden temple just gorgeous?

I had an awesome opportunity to speak at stake conference on Sunday. My talk was about family history work. It went well and It was such an awesome experience. When I was talking to one of my friends about speaking at the tabernacle I said “IT SEATS LIKE A THOUSAND PEOPLE….”  and she said “That’s okay because you’re short so only 100 will be able to see you.” And then when I got up to the pulpit I was so short that I couldn’t even see the front three rows unless I stood on my tippy toes. So I shared that joke and got the loudest laugh of the entire conference. And my talk went really well and I know the spirit was the actual speaker of that meeting because that was defiantly not me talking.

I need you all to go read this post right now. It’s not long and it will only take you two seconds. It is one of the happiest things I have read in a while. Marie-Rose is the author of the blog Hope Always and Pray Constantly and we have become blog friends over the last year. She is a convert to the LDS church and her blog is her conversion story and her life as a convert to the church. This is my very favorite post of hers because it announces that SHE WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY and I am so excited for her. Congrats girl! Welcome to the single thing that has brought me the most happiness to my life. I hope it brings you the same joy. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel and I know that Jesus Christ loves me so much and that he loves Marie-Rose, and that he also loves every single person reading this. He loves you. Congrats again girl!!

This month our seminary council has had the seminary students send gratitude grams to their friends to let them know that they are thankful for them. I don’t know if it is because I spent several hours sorting them today, or the fact that Thanksgiving is next week, but gratitude is in the air and I think I’ve come down with the grateful-flu. Here are some of my happy things.

Like I said, I spent several hours in the seminary building today. Sometimes it feels like I live there. Which is a happy thing because it is one of my very favorite places to be. I just need to say that I am so very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to serve on seminary council with such incredible people. I cannot express how much I love each person on the council. I am humbled everyday at how much good comes from the people in that building. You bring me so much joy and there is never a boring moment when I am with anyone from the council. Thank you for your greatness. I love you all so much! ahhh so many feels. Dearest, Adam, Kami, Haden, SaBree, Fletcher, Alli, Matt, and Ginny… you rock my socks. If you want to know what it is like to be on sem council with you, imagine a midget at an amusement park where none of the rides have height restrictions. Also, the food is free.

I also had a kick-butt workout with Emily today. Shout out to Emily and Mckenna for being the very best gym friends! I always have so much fun and I always enjoy working out with you two. You always motivate me to do my best and I also love that the conversations with you two are always clean and positive. You are both so very awesome.

I am so extremely grateful for my job as a tumbling coach. I taught a class yesterday where five girls learned how to do their back handsprings alone for the first time. I also taught a class of two-four year olds where I got attacked with hugs, and I also had a little girl tell me she loved me and that she loves coming to tumbling. I seriously am so grateful that I have been blessed with this opportunity to teach such amazing angels. If I’m ever having a bad day or I feel like I’m not good enough my children always make me feel better.

I also need to express my sincerest gratitude for Raegan and Kenley who are two of my very favorite people. They are always able to make me laugh so hard and I always seem to end up singing when I’m around them. They are always so happy and they make me happy. Tonight for Young Men/Young Womens we quilted blankets for the church’s humanitarian effort and Raegan and Kenley were the greatest entertainment. I love you guys!

Today was such a good reminder that things are actually good in the world. That even though sometimes life happens, and sometimes we still have to do math homework, I can chose to be happy. And I’m thankful for that.

feel my sunlight

p.s. What makes you grateful?

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