Greetings from Leesburg, Florida

Whitney’s first letter from the mission field.
October 10, 2015
Hello my people!
I am LOVING it here in Leesburg! I am in the Leesburg Ward in the Leesburg Area and my companions are Sister Mohenoa (on my right) from Tonga and our trainer is Sister Guynn (on my left) from Connecticut. They are both super great and we have a lot of fun together!
The work is going AMAZING here. There are so many people ready to hear the gospel which makes for a slightly stressful time because there is not enough time to see everyone we would like to. But, that’s okay and I am thankful for it. Some of our most prepared “gators” are Willie and Julia. Willie always says “I love the gospel! I’m a Mormon!” and then whenever he reads the scriptures he just says “THAT’S RIGHT!” And another one of our investigators that we just met this week is named David. He is so prepared and after I bore my testimony to him he told me I could lead a football team with my testimony… which I thought would make a pretty funny Mormon message if I do say so myself. I mean.. can you picture a 4’10” white girl bearing her testimony of Joseph Smith to a bunch of football players right before a game? I thought it was funny.
The hardest part about missionary work is having to drop investigators that you love because they aren’t progressing. It basically rips your heart out. It also is a lot of getting out of your comfort zone because talking to strangers is not something that comes naturally in the slightest but “there is no growth in your comfort zone.
Some of the other crazy events would include the crazy Romanian guy that tried to convince us we were going to Hell… and the door contact where we taught the restoration to a guy wearing only a towel. I have yet to see an alligator but I will see one soon I can feel it! We know of several places where they are, but they have been hiding every time we have looked. GOTTA LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
While I’m not able to email any time except for Monday, I am able to read emails just about every day on my iPad! So send me emails! Also, send me pictures because I love seeing all of your faces.
For my scripture study this week I have studied John 21 as well as the talk by Elder Holland called “The First Great Commandment” I recommend you study both of those together!
And my ponderize scripture (If you don’t know what that is, please go watch conference!) for last week is D&C 68:6 (surprise…) and mine from this week is D&C 122:9. What are your ponderize scriptures? Fear not my friends!

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary and I love all of you!

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