"The odds are good but the goods are odd"


Helloooooo my people!
Missionary life is pumpin!
So… many of you enjoyed my story last week about the man licking his dentures. I have a new one from this same person. So this man (Roy) is a non-member who is the husband of one of our recent converts (Betty). Yesterday they came to church and as soon as he took the bread during the sacrament he said quite loudly “That would have been a lot better if they had put peanut butter on that!” And we all about died trying not to laugh.
We had exchanges this week! Sister Mohenoa and Sister Guynn went to Apopka with Sister Bridgewater and Sister Olsen, and I stayed and lead out my area with Sister Weston (I LOVE HER!) I was super nervous about being in charge of the area because I still feel like I don’t know anything. But it actually went really good and we didn’t get lost and I actually found a really cool lady knocking on doors (Bonnie) and I didn’t screw anything up too bad so I guess I can call myself a missionary now!
On Friday we had our ward Halloween party that was so fun! We have this less active family that has lived in our ward boundaries since April but that has never been to our building come and they had so much fun! We got to talk to so many people and we all had a good time!
Halloween was less exciting because all of our appointments canceled and we can’t do stop bys because it wouldn’t be effective so we spent the night planning.
Church is always our biggest struggle because we all have such a hard time getting investigators come to church. We actually didn’t have any investigators in our whole district come to church this week so we would all appreciate some prayers that we will be able to help our investigators feel a desire to come to church. We did have two awesome less actives we are working with come to church and we were so happy about that!
Update on gators!
Willy is crazy amazing. We had an AMAZING lesson with him this week where we showed him a video of Thomas S. Monson speaking and he had to stop the video half way through because he was feeling the spirit so strong he couldn’t handle it. Then he said “he was talking in general…but he was talking to me…but it wasn’t him talking… it was God.” And he just is so great and he loves the gospel.
We weren’t able to meet with Julia this week (Willy’s girlfriend) but keep praying for her! David is doing good, but he is having some stumbling blocks when it comes to coming to church. Kristy has been in the hospital so we haven’t been able to see her or her daughters Kiki and Ana in a while either so pray pray pray for them! And Louis is just Louis. He’s doing normal and is just his confusing self.
Every P-Day we have a big volley ball game with a bunch of the surrounding areas and some of the local YSA people. We usually have 7-11 missionaries and 3-4 other people. It is always SO fun and I will send y’all some pictures from this week. (also, I have picked up saying y’all a lot which is about the extent of my “Florida accent.”)
Also, here are some of our out of context quotes for the week:


 “How have your feelings been doing?”
“Slow vibrato… All the cool kids are doing in these days?”
“Brother Gray is like the Bob Barker of the ward… Who’s that? The host on the price is right… Oh…
“Yesterday during Book of Mormon class I learned how to flare my nostrils.”
“On a scale from 1 to facsimile 2 how deep was your scripture study this morning?”
“I think the first thing I learned on my mission is that kissing isn’t against the law of chastity.”
“In my head is what’s real, in my hands is what I feel, in my stomach is what’s for lunch because I’m hungry…. and the second thing I learned is that there is a thing called the veil.”
“I don’t even know where Botswana is…”
“we’re not just the candle, we are the cake.”
So that is all I’ve got for this week! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! Read your scriptures because they will make your life so much better!
Sister Reid

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