"Does that work for you?" "That’s why we go to restaurants… They work for us.

December 07, 2015
So I totally recorded an awesome voice recording today but I left the cord for my little device at the apartment…. AHHHH! I’m sorry my peps…. I will send you one someday. haha
First of all Sister Nelsen and I made a Christmas card that I want to send to everyone. So PLEASE send me your address if you haven’t already. And mom if you could help me by sending me extended family’s and family friends addresses that would be awesome!
🎄🎁 We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone needs to go check out Christmas.Mormon.org RIGHT NOW (after you finish reading my email) and watch the video A Savior Is Born and then share it with each everyone on social media and in person! Also, there is an invitation at the end that says to “#DiscoverWhy” so I want you all to email me back and tell me how YOU are going to Discover Why!
And as far as Christmas decor goes I bet you’re all happy to know we have a Christmas tree that’s taller than me and I found about 20 stockings in a closet so I decided to hang them up all over the apartment. I’m pretty happy about it!
How is everyone doing? Grand I hope!! I am doing really well and am loving this beautiful Florida weather this Christmas season! It got a little chilly the other day and we had to put on cardigans… Hahaha but it really has been lovely!
We had the opportunity to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional last night at the church and it was SO GOOD! It was exactly what I needed and I am so excited about Christmas now! If you haven’t watched it you defiantly should! You can find it on lds.org or YouTube.
So… fun parts of this week!
We made an awesome first impression with a media referral where we startled her super bad. She had requested a bible so we were going to drop it off and we knocked on her door but she didn’t hear us. She was talking on the phone but we thought she was talking to us when she said “wow! It’s chilly outside!” and we laughed because we thought she was talking to us. Then she came to open the door to see how cold it was and we were standing on her porch and we scared her so bad she screamed and then let us in and now we are teaching her!! Haha she is so awesome!
We met the oldest lady in the Daytona Beach Ward. She’s 95 and has no teeth and lots of cats. She is so awesome! We walked in and she said “the worst part about being 95 is I’m not going to see that German guy (President Uchtdorf) become president of the church because he is good looking if you know what I mean..” She also told me I had stylish hair because it wasn’t “twirly” (curled)…. Haha good times.
We spent some time on the inlet this week doing some finding and I walked the width of it a few times! It is so pretty out there and very fun to see the ocean even if it is from a distance! We are practicing being bold and talking with everyone! We got some good practice this week. We also enjoyed the palm trees a great amount!
We went on exchanges this week! Friday night the STLs came over and we all went and visited with the Corders (the senior couple that live below us) and they bought me peanut butter cup ice cream because it is my favorite and the Corders are awesome so we all ate that and then I went to Port Orange and spent the night there and then worked with Sister Hales all day! Sister Hales taught me how to be super bold and talk to everyone! (Including people we pull up next to at stop lights… Car contacting is AWESOME!)
I also got about as close as you can get to standing on a soapbox and preaching to a crowd. We were at this ice cream place called Ritters and there were a group of people waiting in line and Sister Hales started talking to a few of them and before I knew it I was testifying of the Book of Mormon and had like 10 people standing there listening to me… IT WAS AWESOME! It was super nerve wracking and not my first choice when it comes to contacting methods but it made me feel like the early missionaries of the church who would do that all the time. So fun!
Sister “P” is doing good and still loves everything we teach her. We are working through a few issues right now, but it’s going good! We also have a few other people we are working with and they are doing good!
I am doing good and I PROMISE I will actually get a voice recording out next week. I’m slack-a-lacking… ahhh!
I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you have a fabulous week and a great start to your Christmas season!
Sent from my device used for the hastening of the work
Sister Reid



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