You’ve got all these things floppin around…and I’m not sure if they’re your cool gymnastics muscles or if they’re something that needs to be worked out"

 Dec. 14, 2015
So I am doing really good!!
This week was a slower week but still good!
Last Monday we had dinner with the Mills family… The dad is the lead singer in Jericho Road if you’ve ever listened to them. They are one of my favorite families in our ward! They have lots of kids and they just love the missionaries.
Tuesday We taught a lesson to Sister M our  less active.  She is actually really cool and it was a good lesson. We also helped Sister Christensen make flower arrangements for our ward Christmas party. That was really fun! I’m pretty much a professional florist now… (that’s actually a lie.. I’m not.) But it was fun!
On Wednesday I met our new investigator that they found while I was on exchanges last week. Her name is J and she is this awesome red headed lady from Scotland! She is heavily Catholic and has a lot of hurdles to get over but she is really fun! We also taught a lesson to one of our less actives but she was drunk when we went over there so we showed her a video and left. haha She is one of the nicest ladies and even nicer when she’s drunk. We also had dinner with a lady named Jackie who is one of the elders recent converts who is my favorite little old lady! She is convinced that I’m going to marry the elder that baptized her… hahaha she shows me pictures of him every time she sees me. It’s hilarious. We also had coordination on Wednesday night and Sister Nelsen didn’t feel very good so she didn’t have a lot of fun.
On Thursday we had ZTM (zone training meeting) and that was really good!! I love our meetings because #1 you get to see lots of other missionaries and #2 I always feel like I learn SO MUCH! After ZTM we had a sisters meeting with the STLs and that was really good. They gave us cute Christmas presents with candy and baby Jesus Christmas ornaments because they are awesome! After that we had lunch with the entire zone at this awesome Mexican food restaurant!! It was AWESOME! Later that day we taught B who is our 9 year old recent convert that I LOVE! She is my favorite person we are teaching. Her and her 12 year old brother LOVE the gospel and are already saving up for their missions. They are so cute. We also taught the H family who are a less actives that are really hard to teach. But they are doing good.
On Friday we had weekly planning and then OUR WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY!! We had lots of people come! B and her brother and mom came and the bible referral I told you about last week that we scared really bad came and brought her aunt and one of our recent converts brought THREE of her friends!!! It was so awesome!
We also had a crazy moment at the party…. so there is this crazy lady in our ward that apparently doesn’t like us very much.. they were playing the 12 days of Christmas and Sister Nelsen and I weren’t singing loud enough for her. So really loudly she says “WE”VE GOT BAD SISTER MISSIONARIES… THEY WON’T SING ALONG…. HOW DO WE DUMP THEM?! WE’VE GOT BAD MISSIONARIES!”
We just laughed about it because everyone knows she is crazy and the ward actually does like us. The bishop was sitting right there too. Good times. hahahaha
On Saturday we met with some less actives (Sister T, Sister T, and Miss M) and then we had ice cream with Elder and Sister Corder.
On Sunday we taught Young Women’s and it went really good! We also went to one of the Mill’s little girl’s (Mariah) baptism and that was fun! I just love baptisms! We also met with Y our investigator that is a preacher. That was a tough lesson (because she’s a preacher…) but she really likes us!
Today we went shopping and bought lots of healthy food!!!! And then I recorded a voice recording that is too big and now we are emailing!!!
This week is going to be so fun! We have lots planned including our huge mission Christmas Devotional/social where we get to see all the missionaries in the whole mission!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Ahh Life is good.
Okay for my spiritual thought today I want you all to pull up D&C 86:5 and read it! And then I want you to look at the date and realize where you were when this revelation was given… YOU WERE ONE OF THE ANGELS IT WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! And for all my missionary friends (and everyone for that matter) you are literally fulfilling that scripture because you are harvesting the white fields RIGHT NOW!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!
Okay that’s all from me. I love you all to the moon and back!
-Sister Reid

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