⌂ "Why would it be Christmas puss? Because it’s red and green?"

December 28, 2015
So first of all…. TRANSFERS! I am getting transferred tomorrow and Sister Nelsen is staying. And we are pretty sure I am going to one of the South Zones because the APs asked me to say the closing prayer at the South Zone conference in a few weeks… but we shall see!

It has been an AWESOME week! First of all CHRISTMAS HAPPENED! I was so happy to skype my family! On Christmas Eve we went to lunch at this Asian Buffet place. A member from the ward organized it and it was pretty fun. Then we took thank you notes/Christmas cards to a whole bunch of members all over the ward and taught two lessons. That was really fun. On Christmas we got up and opened presents together then went down to the Corder’s (senior couple that live in the apartment below us) and they made us blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then Sister Corder had little presents for us to open. And then we went back to our Apartment and studied and then went back to the Corders and they made us ham and potoatoes and sweet potatoes and jello! And then we visited one of our less actives (sister Tripp) who is super crafty. She gave us AWESOME crocheted hats!!! Sister Nelsens is a storm trooper from Star Wars and mine is just a rainbow thing with a curly mow hawk. We pretty much haven’t taken them off since… hahaha! Then for dinner we went to the Mckinzies and they made us a super fancy dinner. When we got there she said “we’ll eat… you’ll do the WiFi thing… and then we’ll eat AGAIN!” haha and that’s what we did! We ate and then I skyped my family and then we ate again. haha

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who sent me Christmas packages and letters. It made being away from home for Christmas a whole lot easier because I knew I was loved. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
The rest of this week has been really good. I talked about pretty much everything in my voice recording so I don’t really want to repeat all my stories. But one thing I do want to talk about is a challenge we received from our Mission President to spend one personal study (an hour long) completely focused on the Savior and what He means to us and not to worry about anything else. I did this on Christmas morning and had an awesome experience. I studied The Living Christ and the hymn Savior Redeemer (look it up on YouTube.. It is so good!) The lyrics are so powerful and the Savior loves each of us so much and all He asks of each of us is to love Him and to follow Him.
I talked about a whole bunch more stuff in my voice recording so check that out. I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a very merry new year!!!!
Out of context quotes:
“You’re getting in the wrong car…”
“Jesus drank wine.”
“I also have Asian gas.”
“Christmas cups” “Christmas puss? Why would it be Christmas puss?” “because It’s red and green?” “EWWWWWWW!”
“I’m a bouncer not a counselor.”

-♥- Sister Reid

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