Oh that verse of scripture melts me!

Hello my family and friends!

So first of all I apologize for only sending two out of three recordings. The first one was too big to email. #TheStoryOfMyLife
This week has been stupendous. Also really hard, but really good.
We started a new initiative that we came up with that has been super awesome!! We have lots of new CPs coming in to work for Disney this week so we created a “Member mission call” with the help of Brooklyn (our relief society president) and it has been SUPER AWESOME! We basically give them a letter that calls them to be a member missionary. It is worded very similar to a normal mission call and when they read that they have been called to serve in the Buena Vista YSA ward we all cheer and it is AWESOME! It has really motivated the ward to share the gospel and I am so excited to see all of the good that they do!! I’ll attach a copy of it so you can read it. BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL CALLED TO BE MEMBER MISSIONARIES TOO!!!
So I went over my week in my recording but you only got the last two thirds of it so I’ll go over it quickly again. Feel free to skip over this if you don’t care about scheduling haha.
Monday was awesome we had FHE and lots of people came!
Tuesday was also awesome! We had dinner with one of our favorite members in the ward and also had a few lessons with people.
Wednesday we watched the World Wide Full Time Missionary Training that was broadcast from Salt Lake. IT WAS AWESOME!! we also had night games at Mickey’s Retreat and we played SIGNS!!!!! It totally brought me back to sign language last year. It was a blast.
On Thursday we had District meeting and talked about HTBT and we memorized all of them and roll played applying them. We also did the booth by CP housing and had dinner with the Hagermans and the bishop and his wife and the elders. And then had a lesson with a less active in our ward that is literally friends with Mickey Mouse and like 15 other characters. But regardless of her awesome job she is super cute and so incredible. She has taught me so much about the Atonement. It has been really humbling to watch people apply the Atonement in their lives and to watch them change. I love it.
On Friday we had weekly planning and dinner with a couple CPs who are awesome!! They are so much fun and such good members of our ward.
On Saturday we had a lesson with “A” our investigator. We mutually decided that she isn’t quite ready for the lessons yet, but she is still coming to church every Sunday and coming to all the activities so she will get there but not yet. But we are still friends with her and we see her all the time even though we aren’t teaching her right now. She is the sweetest and I love her. We also had lunch with Brooklyn (our relief society president) and Kalinda and Sarah her two counselors at Kalinda’s house and they made us fancy breakfast french toast and I just can’t get over how much I love those three. We also spent time at the booth with a member!
On Sunday we had an incredible sacrament meeting and we met all of our new CPs! We had about 18 new people at morning sacrament and I think we had like 10-15 at night sacrament so there were so many new people to meet this week! It was awesome. On Sunday we also had dinner at Brooklyn’s with Sarah and Lacey. They are my favorite! Then we visited some people and had night sacrament.
Anyways… I’m sure most of you skipped over that.
So ya… I am doing pretty dang good. I feel like I am being stretched a lot, but in a good way. I have learned this week that I need to be more humble. I’ve also learned that being humble doesn’t mean putting yourself down for things, but for giving all the credit for the good that does happen to the Lord and for being truly grateful for it. I’ve learned that it also means being grateful for the trials you’ve been given as well as the good times. I’ve learned to rely on the Lord and I’m starting to learn how to give all the glory to him. It’s a process to learn, but a good process.
So I’m doing good and loving being a missionary.
Sending you all the love and happiness from Central Florida. Thank you for every email and letter I have gotten. I say it every week, but I also mean it every week when I say that it means the world to me. I love you a whole lot!


Sister Reid

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