"Look at all these legs… Does it ever surprise you how many there are?"

Today I walked into Walmart and this nice black man says “JESUS PEOPLE!!!! Y’ALL ARE MY PEOPLE!!”

I sent several voice recordings about what happened this week so I hope y’all enjoy listening to them.
My week this week has been fabtastic. My companion, Sister Muhlestein, and I have become much closer. Lately we have been singing old country music together a lot. Last night it was the Dixie Chicks. You’d better believe it was pretty amazing (that’s a lie… I kept trying to harmonize, but I couldn’t..) haha it’s pretty fun.
I had a super awesome realization this week. So on my iPad I have a notes tab called my “prayer roll” and then at the end of any lesson with anyone I try to ask them what I can pray for. They usually give me a few things that they or someone close to them is struggling with and I jot those down. Every night when I kneel in nightly prayer I pray for each name individually for the things they have asked me to pray for. At first it was difficult because it lengthens my nightly prayers quite a bit, but over time it has become one of my favorite parts of my daily routine and it has brought some of the sweetest moments.
This has taught me several things. The first thing is that struggling is common to the human experience I am a strong believer that all of us are struggling in one way or another, and if you aren’t yet, you will be soon. I’ve also learned that these struggles are meant to make us stronger and help us grow.
I was sitting in Sacrament meeting yesterday morning and looking over at all the members of the ward and I realized I had a unique perspective of the members of the ward. Because I meet with everyone I know a lot of the deep struggles of some of these peoples hearts. But as I was pondering this I realized that this is a little tiny bit how the Savior must feel. He knows all of the deepest struggles of our hearts. He has such a greater understanding of how we each feel than I do with my little iPad note.
This experience caused me to gain a deeper gratitude for this call in which I’ve been given. Because for these 18 months I get to do the Savior’s work. I get to stand where He would stand and say what He would say if He were here with these people.
I am doing really good. I’m loving the sunshine a whole lot and the people even more. I appreciate every email and letter and email and video and voice recording that I get from y’all. You have no idea how much they motivate me to work hard. I’m so incredibly grateful for the army of people I have behind me encouraging me every week.
I love y’all more than President Monson loves to wiggle his hears! (look up that conference talk if you want a good laugh!)
Have a fantastic week!


Sister Reid



Me, Sister Mohenoa and Skousen at ZC


Sisters Selfie!!!

Notice my spiffy new Mickey hat… I bought it at Walmart…in the kid’s section!!!! WHOOO!!!!



Sushi at MIWA



My chalkboard art during weekly planning


There is a guy that writes things about God and Christ in the sky over Disney World quite often. It was windy this day so they are hard to read but they always make me happy.


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