"You should take some of your motivation from God and go to the gym."

Well how is my crew?
I’m doing swell. I sent quite a few voice recordings so this email might be kinda short.
Hello, it is I… sister Hart.
sister Reid is doing something at the moment, but I’ll sub in for a quick sec. sister Reid is the best trainer I could ask for! She eats as fast as I do which makes me glad I get to call her mine. Hahah Anyway, she is seriously the best! I love her oh so much! K she’s back I’ll give you your daughter back..
haha I went to go eat some chips and salsa and Sister Hart decided to sub in for a sec.
This week has been pretty great. My favorite part of the week was the half hour lesson we had with our investigator T. Literally all we did was sing Joseph Smith’s First Prayer, testify of Joseph Smith, and invite her to be baptized and she said “YES! ABSOLUTELY!” What even is life!?
My second favorite part of the week was in interviews with President Berry on Tuesday when he told me he wanted to start a blog as a trial run. I think I’m the only one in the mission he is having do it and he wants me to work on it for a half hour a day. It was his idea not mine and I am excited over the moon about it. Anyone that knows me very well knows I am a huge lover of blogging. My mom will still maintain my feelmysunlight.blogspot.com blog with my emails and pictures, but pretty soon I will be able to write posts on a new blog. I’ll let you know more info when I have it!!
I also particularly enjoyed playing pictionary in pudding at FHE, interviews with President Berry, Serving at Second Harvest Food Bank, playing volleyball at night games, blitzzing with Hermana Stokey, institute with Elder and Sister Munns (Elder Munns is an area seventy that was just released), attending a baptism for a guy named Bill who is 80 something years old, going to the huge YSA activity and dressing up like a car, going to church… because church is cool, helping K walk her cats, going to S baptism, Going to Break the Fast, Night sacrament when S got confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, and watching the CES devotional.

Let me tell you about S baptism! He’s the Elders investigator from our ward so we know him pretty well. He was going to become a Catholic Priest, but found the church. He has one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard. There was not a dry eye during his baptism and the night sacrament when he received the Holy Ghost was probably the most spiritual moments meetings I have ever been in in my life. He’s pretty cool.
Anyways, I’m doing good. The mission life is still the best. I am pretty pumped for this last week of the transfer!

Some of my favorite quotes from the week:

“Do me this one solid and I will present you with more solids!

I go to the gym religiously… as in… only during the holidays

It was almost a hurricane… It was a McFluricane!

Evil cockroaches invest in the property

You need to take some of your motivation from God and go to the gym. (from a random Venezuelan we met)

I’m allergic to grapefruit.

You know you’re cool when your sunglasses match your toenails

Have you ever seen a naked chicken? They’re all naked…

Thanks for all the emails and love!!! You have no idea how much a short email helps me get through my week. Keep smiling and don’t ever forget how much I love you!
I love you more than Nephi loves to “go and do.”

icecream with Hermanas
Sister Stokey


When I blitzzed with Hermana Stokey!!!!!



face masks
Our District








we got some more name tags and decided to wear all of them


When you and your comp make the exact same face without planning it…


tan lines, name tags, and grapefruit. About sums up our companionship



selfie with the Murica Horse


Brooke is one of our favorites in the ward


Kristen is also a favorite.


Karina. Also a favorite


I’m dressed up like a missionary car… Sister hart is backing me… but not very good because I’m running over Brooke



This is my bike rack and probs the most awkward picture. It’s fine.


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