"These are like stair master stairs… and I’m more of a ramp girl…"

Well hello my friends!

First of all, I’ve had several people tell me they really like both of my blogs this week. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words. It really means so much to me to know you guys read them and that you care what I write. And if any of you have cool spiritual or missionary experiences feel free to shoot me an email about them! I’d love to include them in some of my posts.
This week has been oh so good.
Transfers happened, but Sister Hart and I are staying together for another one! Whoo! I just want to be with her for forever and a day.
Because of transfers and some other things, we didn’t have very many of our regular organized service activities this week. But that was good because it gave us some extra time to do service and finding!
This week we did a whole lot of lot of service! Our entire day on Tuesday was just service. I walked my bishop’s dog with pink hair. I took some sweet selfies with that dog. We also helped the Lake Reams sisters move apartments and washed windows and cleaned cars. It was a splendid week of service. Go do some service. It will make you real happy about life.
This week also consisted of a whole lot of finding, tracting, and contacting people. Like for hours and hours and hours. And not very many people wanted to listen. So at the end of the day on Saturday we were feeling pretty bummed about missionary work because we have happiness and nobody wanted us to share it with them, so we decided to run over to Publix to get some ice cream. The checkout lady asked us what our name tags were, so we told her. And she said “oh like for the temple up the street!” And then the bagger dude said,” hey I went into that temple the other day! I was just curious as to what it was all about and the front desk guy talked to me about the church and the secret service going on inside.” Yes, he said secret service. But anyway, so he said he was interested in learning more so now he are going to teach him! All you need is one good thing to happen, and the bad day turns around! 
We are also working with lots of less actives and a couple investigators. Our most solid investigator’s name is C. She’s real cool and she reads the Book of Mormon and prays everyday and I’m pretty dang proud of her.
Anyways, this week has been pretty average. We’ve been working hard. I’m dead tired everyday but that’s the best way to do life.
I love you all more than the people in the Book of Mormon like to pass out.


Sister Reid
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Me walking my bishop’s dog


Please enjoy the cutest picture you have ever seen


My comp picking up dog poop….#Service





I made Clementine wear my name tag


This is what Florida is like



My tortillas are “mission” brand… so I took a picture with my name tag


Pass along cards


More pass along cards


lots of cards


This is me…everyday…at the walk….trying to get people to listen


The Walk






This cockroach was like 3.5 inches long…..I died.

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