"I’m Soakin’ wet!"

Wow. What a week. Buckle up.

First of all, I learned yesterday that the mass shooting yesterday morning at the night club in Orlando was about seven miles away from my apartment. Fortunately it hasn’t affected our work as of yet. But we are all praying for those that were affected. So if everyone could keep Orlando in their prayers it would mean a lot.
Sorry to start my email on such a sober note. In more upbeat news… M GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!
Oh my friends. You don’t even know how I feel.
Nine months ago my friend Shawn said to me “I can’t wait to hear about your first baptism.” Well….. Here ya go!
Sunday morning we woke up and started getting ready. About a half hour into getting ready Sister Hart started feeling really sick. And I was just sitting there thinking “NOT TODAY SATAN!”
We decided not to go to morning sacrament so Sister Hart could rest a little. When we didn’t show up at church just about half the Ward started texting us asking where the heck we were. We asked them all to pray for Sister Hart that we’d be able to make it to the baptism…… Drum roll please…… IT WORKED!
Sister Hart started to feel quite a bit better and we were able to go over to fill up the font and go to the baptism.
My friends… There is no feeling quite like the feeling that comes from standing on the cold tile in a baptismal font and plugging the drain while the water starts to rise to your ankles. I wrote a blog post about it over on my blog ➡️ citrusfruitsister.blogspot.com
M got baptized and while she was climbing up the stairs we handed her her towel and she said with her cute little Puerto Rican accent “I’m soakin’ wet!”
Soakin’ wet indeed!
That’s what happens with baptism by immersion!
Other than the baptism we had a good week. I talked about most of it on my voice recordings. The storm Monday night was rather un-eventful. We were prepared for a hurricane but in all reality we basically sat in our apartment while it sprinkled outside. (I say “sprinkled” in Florida terms… It was really hard rain for Utah, but weak sauce for Florida) But I heard it was really crazy out on the coast.
Well miracles are happening in Buena Vista. Good things my friends. Good things. This might be my last week in the land of promise since next week are transfers. Sister Hart and I are going to go out with a BANG! I’ll let you know about transfers next week!
I love y’all more than Jonah likes to chill in the belly of a “great fish” #Swimmin’ #SoakinWet
✌Sister Whitney Reid
Out of context Quotes
“Nephi is my big spoon”
“If you have to have an app to tell you how to work out that means you’re dumb and lazy.”
” What do you call a fish with no legs? A fish… Fish don’t have legs.”
“And for fun we will just go fotogruf stuff.”
“I’ve never been on this side of the sink before.”
“I’m Soakin’ wet!”
“Meldering… It’s like Marrying and Elder put together… It’s like when you wanna marry an elder”











































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