"Why couldn’t the cantaloupe elope? Because it Cantaloupe."

Everybody stop what your doing…
Sorry I’m a little late. It was district P-Day today so we went to Deleon Springs and hiked around in a rainforest swamp and then went to this restaurant called Hunters and had some good breakfast food. 👌🏻
Well, I hit my 10 month mark this week…. So I’m not real sure how that happened.
Do Y’ALL WANT TO HEAR A MIRACLE? I don’t know if any of you remember me teaching a girl named C when I was in Buena Vista. She moved back to New Hampshire while I was there… I GOT AN EMAIL TODAY SAYING THAT SHE GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! Holy. Holy. Holy. Shout out to C. Love ya girl!
My week got a lil cray. Here’s how it went…
MONDAY was p-day. I decided it was a good idea to paint my fingernails right before we went to the grocery store… Sometimes I make poor life decisions… So we went to the grocery store and Ross and then I came home and fixed my nails. 
I know… Cool story right?
The rest of p-day was normal. Then we had FHE with Sister C and the G girls. They are the coolest ever! They are teenagers and their mom doesn’t want them to get baptized until they are 18 so in the mean time they are reading their scriptures all the time and when they are here with the dad they have FHE with the sisters. After the lesson they were trying to guess my first name and one of them guessed Wanda… Sister Larsen has been calling me that all week. Hahaha I also became best friends with Sister C granddaughter P who is four.
TUESDAY morning I was saying a prayer after my personal study. I was kneeling right next to the window and when I looked up there WAS A MAN STANDING AT THE WINDOW. This was very surprising to me because of the fact that we live on the second floor and men don’t usually visit Windows on the second floor. So I waved at him and he waved back. He was painting the outside of the complex. It was just an odd encounter. 
That day we had some good lessons with W (he is on date to be baptized on the 30th) and his mom, M who is a recent convert. We also visited the Drakes. Brother Drake is a funny old man and he was asking us all kinds of questions. He asked me if I have a boyfriend and I said no… Then he said “can I be your boyfriend!?!?” And I was like… “Eh… Why not…”
And that’s how I got an 85 year old boyfriend on my mission.
(Don’t worry everybody, it was all in jest.)
Then we had Addiction Recovery class which is INFACT my favorite part of the week every week. The Atonement is real my friends.
WEDNESDAY we spent some time with Sister Dewberry. We did some crafts and had a lesson. We also had a fantastic Book of Mormon class…..
Okay, so there is this girl named C. She is the daughter of a recent convert named D. She’s 15 and is a very bright girl. She has said for a while now that she is an atheist and doesn’t believe in souls. She used to be super closed off to the missionaries when they’ve come over to teach her dad.
Well, it was her house that we went to the big Fourth of July party where we launched lanterns and watched fireworks. Like half the ward came and through that she decided that maybe Mormons are normal and she started to get a little curious about what the heck her dad had gotten involved with. She was the first to tell you though that she was “just curious and not looking for conversion or anything.”
Every time she would say that we’d just nod our heads and smile.
We have become really good friends with her over the last few weeks. On Wednesday she invited us to come do service with her at city hall where she volunteers often. We spent a good two hours sitting and talking. Her and I bonded over our favorite Canadian TV show called Heartland and our love for High School Musical. I told her funny stories about men showing up at the window while I was praying and how I put salt in my grapefruit juice and eventually the conversation rolled around to church. She asked us a lot of questions which we answered. 
Now, I’m going to pause from this story for a second… 
So Thursday we did a lot of finding, had a wonderful lesson with W about temples and eternal families that Bishop Bachan came to. We had dinner with President Ledet who is in the stake presidency and taught his family about missionary work. Then we went to a relief society activity.
Friday we had a lesson with T. She had done some research online and was telling us all kinds of things. I was doing pretty good at answering her questions until she got to the part about how Joseph Smith saw giant Quakers on the moon…. Then I was stumped so I just testified of the Book of Mormon and she seemed satisfied. Then she gave me cake and I was satisfied.
We weekly planned and that evening we went to D and C house for dinner. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon. We showed the Mormon message “A Book of Mormon story” and asked David and Sister Huber how they gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and testified of it’s truthfulness. At this point C had read a little from first Nephi, but was “still just curious.”
Friday night we exchanged with the STLs. I stayed in DeLand with Sister Christensen and we had a PARTAYYY. Sister Larsen went to Port Orange with Sister Simpson. Holy cow. Miracles everywhere. We had all these plans to go to Deltona but when I woke up the Spirit was like “nope… You need to be in Lake Helen today.” And I was like “k….” So I threw away all of our plans and we went to Lake Helen….
We met a guy named R and taught him the restoration. We then bought a yellow watermelon from his wife M. Then we talked to every person in this little apartment strip and picked up a guy named B as an investigator. Then we taught a guy named S and his friend C who was standing in a hole. Haha Then we stopped by this girl’s house named A and she’s 19 and SO PREPARED I can’t even handle it. We also taught W who has his baptismal interview tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers! Literally everyone we talked to was interested in hearing more. I don’t even understand. It was the greatest day.
SUNDAY we had PEC. Then we had church and C came… Here’s the rest of the story. C told the Elders that she had decided to do everything that we had talked about Friday night. Pray, read from the Book of Mormon, and then pray again. 
Everybody hold onto your horses….
SHE STAYED UP UNTIL 3 AM READING THE BOOK OF MORMON SATURDAY NIGHT. And by the time she got to church she was running on exactly ONE hour of sleep and she was in Alma 12….
…. THEN, after church we were standing there with her and her dad and she said “dad, I have something to tell you while we have he sisters here. I just decided that I am open to possibly converting and I want to take the lessons and learn more.” Her dad’s jaw about dropped to the floor and Sister Larsen and I freaked the heck out.
What even is life?
So that’s how my week went. Again, sorry this is such a late email. I hope everyone is doing good!
I love y’all more than Floridians love boiled peanuts.








Sister Whitney Reid

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