"You know that item that you was lookin’ at last night? It’s like $5 now…"

we had a week this week.
First of all, like I mentioned last Monday we went to De Leon Springs for district P-Day and hiked around a rainforest swamp. Twas a fun time. I felt like I was in the Hunger Games hunting with my allies… But that’s just me. Like, I’m pretty sure we would have been the carriers… Only, instead of hunting to kill people, we are hunting to baptize them. I think Suzanne Collin should jump on this… She can call it “THE CONVERT GAMES”
speaking of “the convert games…”
But before I talk about that, I want to mention that after P-Day on Monday we went to dinner with the Ballard’s and after dinner we went with Sister Ballard to see Blue Springs which was right by their house, and is INFACT the coolest lil spot in all of Florida. I felt like I was in Costa Rica or something (not that I have any idea what that’s like, but I’d imagine it would be cool.) Family, we must come back and swim here someday. I also saw my first living armadillo (the only ones I’ve ever seen have been dead on the side of the road. #RoadKill) and I saw several wild Boars. Twas a swell time.
So… TUESDAY! Like I mentioned, W passed his interview. We got stranded at the church for a lil bit because #BikeWeek and #WeLiveSoFarAway. We ate granola bars on the cement like savages. Then we had Addiction Recovery Class. Goodness. That class is number one.
Wednesday we went to Trinity United Methodist church and helped in their food pantry. We also had interviews with President Clark who is INFACT the coolest ever. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. 
Here are some other things from my interview:
  1. When I walked in he was like “your the sister that emailed me that cool quote about faith! I liked it so much I even showed it to Sister Clark!” 
  1. My favorite part of the interview was when he said “Sister Reid, how do you stay so positive?” And I was like “I don’t know President, I just love being a missionary!” And he was like “you just can’t help but smile when you walk into the room. You have such a great attitude! Try to keep that the rest of your mission. Don’t let anyone get you down.” 😊😊😊
  1. President told me he wants me to continue writing my blog! (citrusfruitsister.blogspot.com) Since it was a trial run with President Berry I had to run it by President Clark so he could decide if he wanted me to continue doing it. He told me he’d like me to keep doing it so as long as y’all are reading it I’ll keep it up!
  1. He shared this analogy with me about missionary work and how “this is God’s grocery store, and these are His products. All we are doing is stocking the shelves.” Which I thought my dad and sister might appreciate… S/O to all my friends working at Bowmans.
(I’m not sure why all of these are #1, and I can’t figure out how to change it… Haha whatever.)
After interviews we went to dinner with Sister Wilson and I got some lemon blueberry pancakes. 👌🏻 Then we went to Book of Mormon class and Sister Clark came because President Clark had a meeting. That was fun to get to know her better! 
On THURSDAY we prepped a house to be painted with Elder Olsen, Elder Gentry, Elder Reeves, and Elder Pyle. They have these houses for homeless people her in FL and a lot of times the homeless people trash them, so this guy goes in and fixes them up and he has the missionaries help sometimes. It was really fun! We also had a good lesson with W and dinner with the Butchers. 
➡️ FUN FACT ABOUT FLORIDA: when you go to a restaurant and you want water, you always ask for lemon in your water because if you don’t, it tastes like it came from the swamp. 🙊🙊🙊
On FRIDAY we weekly planned and theN WE TOOK W ON A TEMPLE TOUR OF THE ORLANDO TEMPLE AND I GOT TO SEE BABY HART. HOLY HOLY HOLY. best day. It was SO GOOD to be back in my last area and to see the temple and my lil trainee who is just the light of my life and the apple of my eye (I’m not sure what that even means.) we took pictures and did our best friends handshake/footshake. S/O to Baby Hart. You are NÚMERO UNO. 
SATURDAY was my 10 month birthday. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE THAT I’VE BEEN A MISSIONARY FOR TEN WHOLE MONTHS. I feel like I just got here and that I don’t know anything… I’m starting to think that feeling will never go away. #4YearOldWithANametag. I celebrated with a lot of finding.
SUNDAY we went to ward council. Then to church. We got to go to young women’s again because C came. So… If you remember C, she is the one that didn’t believe in God three weeks ago. She decided last week after reading about half of the Book of Mormon that she wanted to take the lessons from the missionaries. Since the elders are teaching her dad they started teaching her too. She’s had like two discussions…. Well…. She TOTALLY VOLUNTEERED TO SAY THE CLOSING PRAYER IN YOUNG WOMEN’S ON SUNDAY. I about cried. You have no idea what that feels like as a missionary.
Well today is Monday July 25th 2016…. Today is P-Day…. This is the last week of the transfer and transfer doctrine comes out Saturday. W also gets baptized on Saturday so that’s exciting. It should be a beautiful week!
Here are my “out of context quotes”
“I’m so happy it hurts”
“That item that you was lookin at… It’s like $5 now”
“I got called Wanda too…”
I love y’all more than lizards love push-ups!

















Sister Whitney Reid


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