Your bladder will be filled here, or there, or everywhere

Aug. 22, 2016

Well hey hey friends, family, acquaintances, old companions, fellow missionaries, parents of my friends, secret admirers, and people that get this email in their inbox that only open it so the notification goes away!
How are y’all doing?
First of all… S/O to my lil sis Danielle who turns 18 on Thursday! Everyone text her and leave her long voicemails of various happy birthday songs for me okay?
My second S/O goes to the James family for bringing a package to the mission home from my family. And to my family for sending it! That totally made my week!
My third S/O goes to Cedar in DeLand FOR GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Holy. I love you lots girl!
My week was pretty dang swell. I got to visit TWO of my past areas and it was oh so good!
Monday we had P-Day. We went to the beach. 🏝🏝🏝Then we had breakfast with the district. THEN THAT NIGHT I GOT TO GO VISIT DELAND WITH MY BUDDIE SISTER LARSEN. We talked and talked forever and oh my it was a fun night.
Tuesday  I got to be on exchanges with Sister Larsen in DeLand. We gave a training together in their district meeting on how to pray with faith. We visited Sister Riancho and did some service with her. Then we went to go do some finding and the heavens opened up and dumped buckets on us. We were talking to this nice couple and had this pleasant conversation about God… Until the dude found out we were Mormons and then words came out that were so colorful you could paint with them. We were all like “have a nice day sir.” And we’re going to leave, but then we heard the loudest lightning strike ever and his girlfriend volunteered to take us to our dinner appointment so we didn’t get electrocuted by the sky. She was so nice. Then we went to W and M’s for dinner and they didn’t tell them I was coming and they were all so excited to see me and it just made my heart so happy. THESE PEOPLE ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Then we went to the Addiction Recovery Class and I got to see the Bucks and they just make me happy. Then we exchanged back and Sister Simpson told me they put our investigator L on date for baptism on September 24th! YOU GUYS I’M SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS I CAN’T HANDLE IT. We met L a couple weeks ago and he’s already giving copies of the Book of Mormon to his friends. I want to be like him when I grow up.
Wednesday I went to another district meeting (ours this time). Then we went with the Doan’s to a lesson with D and a lesson with N. Then they took us to get frozen yogurt. I wasn’t even mad. Then we picked up a lady named C and a lady named B as new investigators. Then we had a Jehovah Witness try to convince us that Mormonism is a break off of 7th day Adventist which is a break of of JW…Haha… No sir… No it is not…
 Thursday  we weekly planned, then had an AWESOME lesson with Sister Chilkott, then we taught Brother Schmidt and Judy all about the temple.
FRIDAY WE GOT TO GO TO THE ONE AND ONLY ORLANDO TEMPLE. We woke up at the splendid time of THREE FIFTY IN THE MORNING…. 3:50 PEOPLE…. It was so worth it. Brother Westcott took us and the Daytona Sisters and Brother Westcott officiated the session and it just felt so good to be in the house of the Lord. IT WAS HEAVEN. I got to say hi to a bunch of people including my friend Elder Dummer for those of you who are friends with him. After the temple we went to Panera. Then after a long drive home we went to the Walker’s house to help them move. Oh man I was so tired and sweatier than any human should ever be. Then we taught T and then took D to visit R (mother nature lady from last week) and B. Both were awesome lessons! Then we planted some pineapples for Brother Cintron and had a lesson with his family. THEN I GOT TO GO VISIT DAYTONA ON EXCHANGES.
Saturday I got to go on exchanges in Daytona where I served last Christmas. I was with Sister Carter who is in training and is just the sweetest! We visited Miss Mary who I love! Then I found out a guy I taught the restoration to named W got baptized sometime after I left! What!? Then we had lessons with Brother Zancher, Eileen, and Larry, and then I got to visit my friend Sister Tripp. She is my most favorite ever.
Sunday L RODE HIS WHEELCHAIR ALL THE WAY TO CHURCH. what even. Where did you even come from L? Oh man. Church was so good. After Church we did some family history with C who is a young women that just got baptized. We are going to go do baptisms with her soon! Then we taught a lady named C and Brother Steflic came with us. Then we taught D who is this cool old guy in a wheelchair we met a little while ago. He used to be a body surfer and he told me he’d teach me someday. He was pretty pumped to hear about the Book of Mormon. Then we had dinner with the Steflic’s and they are so fun. Then we visited the Hewlets and… Oh man… I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
It was just a really good week. I love this gospel SO MUCH and this is the best thing I’ve ever done. The Book of Mormon really does provide safety for our souls and is the best source when you need peace.
Here are my out of context quotes from this week:
I feel like triangles are good… Just draw a triangle
Do you have a galaxy or something I can borrow?
Those don’t look like bunnies they look like hotdogs.
What is this? A country lane?
Your bladder will be filled here, or there, or everywhere
Sister young? Sister niña? My mom’s maiden name is Child…
I love y’all more than I love grapefruit juice. Which is a lot so…


















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