"I would always save them and give them to my lunch lady."

This week was pretty much the best.
Ok so I can’t even talk about how crazy this week was because there’s simply not enough time. We had forty…yes FORTY lessons this week. What even is life? 😳 I am exhausted, but in a good way. We basically didn’t have time for meals and just ate when we were in the car driving to appointments. #GodIsGood #TheNSBwardIsSoGoodToMe #ImInAHashtagMood #SorryBoutIt
So transfer doctrine came! Sister Simpson is LEAVING ME. rude. 😭 I’m staying in New Smyrna and Hermana Jones is going to be my companion!! 👏🏻🙌🏼👊🏻 she’s the coolest so I’m not even mad. Since our ward is hopping’ they’re putting elders back in… THEY’RE TAKING AWAY MY GHETTO…. I’m not real thrilled about it. The ghetto is where I do my best work. 😎 #IDidntChooseTheThugLyfe #TheThugLyfeChoseMe so now I’m just going to cover the Port Orange half of the ward.
Butttt it will be good because #GodIsHasteningHisWork and my friend Elder Skidmore from Syracuse is coming to NSB.
Also, S/o to my my trainee, Sister Hart, who is TRAINING next transfer! #ImGonnaBeAGrandma #MamaIsSoProud she’s also white washing a new area in my zone so you’d better believe we’re going to go on all the exchanges. I’m so excited I kinda wanna cry.
Sooooo what do I even say about this week?
Monday we taught Jennifer and Diana. They told us about how terrible the vet is…k… Don’t worry I taught them about Jesus. We also FOUND a less active we’ve been trying to find for a while. He was just chillin’ on his porch while we were driving down the road and the spirit was all “go talk to that guy.” So we did BOOM! #YouCantHideFromTheSisters 🕵🏻 After that we taught Rod.
Tuesday we had a real good time at Habitat for Humanity. I almost bought some cowboy boots because I miss dressing up like a cowgirl but they were a half size too small. 😭 after that we taught Doug, Sister Wilson, Edward, Gino, and the Fraleigh’s. Then after the Fraleigh’s the Doans (our favorite people) were all “do you wanna go to Taco Bell?” And I was like “you know the way to my heart” and shed a tear. And then in taco bell we met a guy named Mark that we picked up as an investigator. #TacoMark 🌮🌮🌮 after that we taught Sister Clausen and Angel and Bri. When they opened the door the girls screamed because they were so excited to see us. It made my heart happy.
Wednesday we taught Bobby. We had the most awkward lesson with Quinn. Why are YSA boys so hard to teach? I have lost my YSA touch and now only know how to talk to the oldies but goodies. Hahaha then we taught Tammy and then the Orbans, Andrew, Kurt, a sweet little 89 year old lady named June who asked us to fix her coffee machine… We were like excuse me but dats bad for you 🙅🏼 but we fixed it anyways. Then we taught brother Warner and then had the BEST LESSON EVER WITH THE WIND FAMILY. Last week Sister Steflik came to an apt with us and they were running late so sis Steflik was like “you wanna knock some doors?” And then she took us to her old house and we just knocked on the door and she was like “hi I just wanted to stop by and see if you are liking the house and oh also, these are missionaries from my church and if you want them to teach you more they can.” Well we went back and THEY ARE SO SOLID I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. I was sharing first vision and the Spirit was think and oh man if you only could have been there.
Thursday we had ZTM and I gave a lil training on being positive, obedient, PMG missionaries. Then we taught Sister Gruber, Sister Chilkott, then had dinner with Bishop and Sister Hellums. Then they came with us to Sister Sutton’s who we taught INSIDE HER STABLES. I got to pet the baby horses. You don’t even know how excited I was. She also told me that next time I come over she’ll let me wear some cowboy boots and pretend I’m a cowgirl. Don’t even worry I won’t ride the horses. But oh man it was fun to be on her lil farm. Then we taught Sister Nicotra and Bishop and his wife got us frosties.
Friday we weekly planned. I’m not counting but I only have 30 more weekly planning sessions…. Just sayin’… We also taught Quinn, had dinner and planted pineapples with the Cintron’s. 🍍🍍🍍 Then we taught Judy and Brother Schmidt and then we taught Brother Clausen.
Saturday we taught Leigh, then Jackson. Then we went to a funeral and Sister Simpson played the organ like a boss. Then we taught Brother Silver who taught me about his generator… Because I’ve been wondering about that… Haha he’s my favorite. We taught Brother McCasslin who let me play his guitar. 🎸 I did a nice lil private gig for Bro McCaslin and Sister Simpson. If you want tickets to my next one LMK. Then we taught Gino who has TWENTY children. Then we taught the Sebastian family the plan of Salvation and those kids are incredible. Jr. Is and we are teaching him so he can get baptized soon. They are the sweetest family.
Sunday we got to go to stake conference WITH NONE OTHER THAN ELDER JÖRG KLEBINGAT OF THE SEVENTY WHO I HAD MEETINGS WITH A FEW WEEKS AGO AND…. mm… It was basically the best stake conf. I’ve ever been to. We got to go to a cool meeting for investigators and recent converts. And then the meeting was…Let’s just say he painted the picture of what judgement is going to be like beautifully and I may have shed a tear. Also, I’ve served in THREE of the wards in this stake so it was just a great big reunion with all my friends in all the wards. It was INSANE. I got to sit by Michelle from DeLand and my heart was oh so happy. After stake conf. We had the BEST RESTORATION LESSON EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH VALERIE. She came to stake conference and LOVED it and then we were teaching the restoration and she kept BACKING UP everything we taught with scriptures FROM THE BIBLE. The Spirit was so strong. Holy. Then we taught Donny and told him he needs to read his scriptures. Then we taught Tim. Then we went to Elijah Pie where you eat pie and do family history work. Oh my it was a beautiful Sunday.
Today I am emailing late because we went to Aunt Catfish’s with the Doan’s and I had some clam chowder on the Halifax river and I couldn’t have been happier. 👌🏻 Then we came home and Bishop came over and gave us blessings and he gave me the coolest blessing about how I fought in the war in heaven and how I’m not going to have any down time on my mission. Guess it’s time to get busy! Then they took us to get frosties.🍦🍦🍦
Also, can’t even believe that I turn 20 this week and I hit my year mark next week. I’m turning 7 in case you were wondering.
That’s all folks. Until next week.
I love y’all more that Floridians on the river love sea food.
Out of context quotes:
“One time my dad got pulled over and had to take a lie detector test.”
*John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16*   “Wait…. The deer’s name is John?!”
“I think he has one of those pee in a bag things”
“Wait… Start Treck is the reason we’re less energy efficient indoors?”
“I would always save them and give them to my lunch lady…
… I thought you were talking about the drugs still”
“everything I’ve learned about drugs I’ve learned from the addiction recovery videos.”


Sister Whitney Reid















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