"Off with their heads" -President Clark

Oh man. What a week.
Okay so last Monday we went to the beach in the mornin’ and had a grand ole time. Then in the evening we went to exchange with the Daytona sisters. We were sitting in the Daytona apartment and we’re just sitting there talking about goals and whatnot and ALL OF THE SUDDEN AP Elder Johnson calls and is like “oh hey Sister Reid… President Clark wants you to give a training at MLC on Thursday…” 😳😢 And I’m over here thinking “I’ve never been to an MLC where anyone except the APs, President and Sister Clark, and GENERAL AUTHORITIES have given trainings…” what even is life? πŸ™ˆ but you know, it’s fine.Β 
Tuesday I stayed in Daytona with Sister Badal and ALL THE GOOD THINGS HAPPENED. All of them. And all of the crazy happened too. We started off our day at the HUM doing some service for the homeless. We cleaned the showers and toilets that the homeless people use. It was very humbling. Then we went outside and this homeless guy asked us to push his wheelchair up a hill and then after a few minutes Sister Badal started to not feel so good because of the smell of the whole place so she almost passed out. And I’m just thinking “well this is going to be an interesting exchange.”Β 
I was right…
Then we did some finding and taught one of my faves Brother Zanker. The Spirit had him in tears twice during the lesson. *whips and nay nays* Then we did some more finding and found a sweet new gator named J…. and then…. read this story… we go try to contact this former and we got up to the porch and this trailer and before we can knock the door SWINGS OPEN and this old lady and a lady covered in tats while wearing a bikini are holding onto this giant man eating dog and they quickly tell us we need to get to the end of the driveway or the dog might eat us. So we booked it to our car and dived in before the dog could rip our faces off. Then we watched them secure the dog and then then bikini lady starts walking to our car so we are sitting there thinking she’s just going to come to our window and say sorry, but THEN SHE HOPPED INTO THE BACK SEAT and Sister Badal and I both start to panic because here we are trying to spread the gospel and then all of the sudden there is a lady in a bikini in our back seat. She was telling us all kinds of things about her life and wouldn’t even let us talk. I was just sitting there trying to plot a way to get her out, but after a few minutes she quickly decided on her own that she needed to get out BUT THE CHILD LOCK WAS ON THE DOOR SO THE BIKINI LADY WAS LOCKED IN OUR CAR. So sister Badal was going to get out and unlock it but the lady decided that would take too long so she dived over the seat and climbed out he drivers side door. So Sister Badal hopped in and we drove away realllllll fast.
The crazy doesn’t even end there.Β 
We went and met a guy named Chopper who had ramen noodle hair. Then we saw the Trents who are the nicest! Then we had dinner with Sister J. I don’t know if you remember but about 11 months ago we had dinner with this lady who dumped Coca-Cola all over me on accident… well that was Sister J. She remembered me, but I don’t think she remembered the coca-cola incident. Haha she was all excited to give us yogurt. What? I don’t even know.Β 
Then here’s the best story from exchanges…
So we are leaving and Sister Badal needs to use the loo pretty bad 🚽so we drive over to the church and she runs into the bathroom and I’m just chillin’ outside the door and just as she sits down she hears someone say “I’m so sorry…. I have to tell you I’m in here.” THERE WAS AN ELDER who will remain nameless IN THE STALL NEXT TO HER! IΒ  was laughing so hard I was crying listening to this all go down. He said there was only one stall in the boys bathroom and he really had to go and he didn’t think anyone would be at the church. So there Sister Badal was just peeing away while an Elder was taking a dump next to her. She hurried out of there as fast as she could and we ran outside and laughed until we couldn’t breath. Then the elders eventually came out and we all laughed about it for another solid ten minutes.
It definitely made the top 10 funniest moments of my mission. And the best quote from the whole ordeal is “You don’t know how loud your pee is until there’s an elder in the stall next to you.”
Β The last miracle from Tuesday was when we went to visit heir progressing investigator John and I realized that I TOTALLY CONTACTED JOHN eleven months ago with Sister Nelsen and he is INVESTIGATING THE CHURCH now and he RODE HIS LAWN MOWER TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY and I just really like when I find out that the work I did in the past really did make a difference.
What a day.
Wednesday we had DM and we gave a two minute training on memorizing scriptures. We also taught Tammy and went to a super fun ward choir practice where the director just played songs on the guitar and we jammed out. Then we went to young women’s and did skits with them.Β 
Thursday we road tripped down to Orlando for MLC. I’m there thinking there are going to be several people giving trainings, but Hermana Jones asks Elder Johnson how many people are giving trainings and he holds up a number one and then points to me. β˜πŸ»πŸ‘‰πŸ»Excuse me what? Oh man. But I gave my training and nobody even died so I guess you could say it went pretty well. πŸ˜‚ I kinda gave an obedience lecture and then told a story about mung beans and then talked about following the spirit. Hahaha Then there was a really good discussion on obedience that was lead by President Clark. Thursday we also taught Melody, Brittany, Milady, and Jefferey. They are my favorite family. Then we taught Sister Chilkott, and then Brother Schmidt and Judy.
Friday we weekly planned and had a meeting with the Zone Leaders to plan ZTM. We also had dinner with the Cintron’s who I LOVE! And we taught this 13 year old kid named Jathen who told us about fishing for a solid 30 minutes and and I was just nodding my head like “ya mhmm garr is a good fish to catch… did you know Jesus’ apostles were fisherman?” 🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟 Then we convinced him to read his scriptures. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»Then we taught Angel and Brother Clausen.Β 
Saturday was general conference. My favorite holiday. There were many revelations received.Β 
So here’s the cutest thing. I’ve had the same home teacher since I was seven and every year since I was a little kid we’ve had to draw him pictures during general conference and when he comes to visit after conference we would present our pictures to him and he’d give us a treat in response. Well we are teaching a part member family right now so that some of the kids can get baptized. I decided to pass this tradition onto them and so when we went over Saturday night they all ran to me to show me their pictures. I was in awe as they told me all about their favorite talks and stories from conference. We took some selfies with their pictures.
Sunday we had some more wonderful sessions of general conference. Go watch #LDSconf if you haven’t yet. We also taught a guy named Frank who was nice.Β 
Like I said, I always like to joke about how conference is our favorite holiday. I like to say that because it really does feel like a celebration of the fact that we have the restored gospel on the earth today in its fullness. The overall feeling I got from conference is motivation. I liked when President Eyring said that LDS also stands for “Let’s Do Something.” Overall conference was a reminder that this is the greatest work I can ever do and I am so excited to go out and do it!
I’m doing really well and I hope y’all are too! Thank for all the love and support. You really don’t know how much even little emails mean to me.Β 
I just love y’all more than missionaries love conference, and more than President Uchtdorf loves airplanes.








Sister Whitney Reid


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