Hey there. 👋🏼
Y’all wanna know what happened this week?
That’s what.
Like so remember how there was a hurricane that swept through my neck of the woods last week? Well it left behind a heck of a lot of miracles and tender mercies mixed in with piles of debris that are currently being gathered by large Bunyan trucks from all over the country. The debris I mean… not the miracles.
I even found myself a Mormon Helping Hands T-Shirt. All of my wildest dreams have come true. 🙈
Sunday we got up and went to church. We only had sacrament meeting again so that the Mormon Helping Hands could attack some trees. Our bishop instigated a testimony meeting and let me tell you… it was a wet eyed testimony meeting all around.
Like you know how in between conference sessions they play stories about Mormons going into help in disaster struck countries and saving the day? Well my little community of New Smyrna Beach has been living those stories in real time. The Lord is with us friends. He really is here.
We have seen so many miracles from the hurricane clean up. We met a guy who told us that they hadn’t had power in days and that his brother was sick and had been crying because he wanted the power to turn back on. He said at that point they were praying to God to give them a miracle. He told us that was the day that the Mormon’s in the yellow shirts showed up, gave them a generator and cleaned up their yard. He looked at us with tears in his eyes and said “Our family will never forget what the Latter-Day Saints did for us.” 
He is now investigating the church.
The Lord works in mysterious ways!
I love you all and am SO THANKFUL for so many friends and family members that prayed for us during the hurricane. We definitely felt your prayers. So thank you! 
My mom is updating my other blog feelmysunlight.blogspot.com with more info and pics about the hurricane so feel free to hop on over there for more miracle stories! 
I love y’all lots! 
-Sister Reid 

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