Staying in NSB!

K so wanna hear about transfer doctrine? HNA Jones and I are both staying in NSB!!!
*whips and nay nays*
*whips and nah nays some more*
They are white washing the NSB Elder’s area again….
*stops whipping and nay naying for dramatic pause and to allow time for audience to shed a few tears.*
My BFF from L-Town {Elder Adam Dummer if any of y’all know him} is coming to be a zone leader in Daytona in the same zone.
*moon walks out of the room*
I’m just really pumped about life right now. πŸ˜„
So today we are having a zone P-Day. Should be pretty exciting.
Let me tell y’all bout my week!
Monday we had district P-Day. We carved pumpkins…Β 
Mine is already rotten. #ThanksFlorida
Then we went bowling and I beat Elder Skidmore by a whole point and he wasn’t to happy about it. 😈🎳
Then my comp got kinda sick so Sis Carter and I went on exchanges to go to Walmart where I bought all the foods and a biketoberfest T-Shirt so I could fit in with all the bikers on the street because I’m hardcore. 🀘🏼 Then we came home and I had a Book of Mormon readathon in my biketoberfest shirt while my companion was sick.Β 

Then on Tuesday we went to Habitat for Humanity and did some retail work with the old ladies. Then we taught an awkward lesson with Cody where he met us at the club house and didn’t wear shoes and then we all had to sit on the same bench. πŸ˜‚ Then we taught Tammy and helped her move her yard furniture back because #HurricaneMatthew2K16 is gone. We also taught the Schreck family that night who are the coolest! Michael is going to the Air force in about a month. Then we went home because HNA Jones still wasn’t feelin’ too hot.
On Wednesday we had our last District meeting of the transfer. I gave a spiritual thought on desTROYING YOUR COMFORT ZONE. It was a good DM. I took this selfie with all the cool kids…

Then we saw Sister Gruber who is just the wisest old lady and I may have shed some tears because she is so wise in her eternal perspective. Then we taught the Lesh family and Austin told us he would like to take the lessons. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Ok ya I guess you can.. πŸ˜† Then we taught the Shipkowitz fam. Josh is almost nine and he is pumped to get baptized. Then we taught our friend Larry who is a #HurricaneMiracle. Then we drove to Bunnell so I could exchange with Sis Anderson who is the light of my life. We realized her grandparents live in my hometown so we discussed all the sweet food places until all hours of the morning.Β 

Thursday Sis Anderson and I were in Port Orange while HNA Jones and Sis Yance were in Bunnell. It was one of those days where you go to a neighborhood and the streets are desolate and you wonder if you found a ghost town on accident in your area… but it’s fine. We taught the Orbans who are my faves. We also taught Brother Harper. We were sitting there talking about the wildlife of Florida…aka the bugs… when ALL OF THE SUDDEN he looked at me and was all “you know, I think it’s time for me to come back to church.”
*passes out*
We also taught Brother Schmidt and Judy and had a swell time
Friday we weekly planned. We had lunch with the Orbans and Shauvers and took this blurry pic with the Halloween Tree.

Then went to the Cintron’s and weeded all the pineapples. I don’t know if you’ve ever weeded pineapples, but they scratch ya up pretty good. After our pineapple party we went and saw Rod… well we always teach Rod outside and last time I got eared alive by mosquitoes… so I was all “oh… I’m going to be smarter than the mosquitoes and put on bug spray like Sister Berry always told me to do.” BUT THAT DOESN’T FEEL SO HOT WHEN YOU HAVE PINEAPPLE CUTS ALL OVER YOUR BEING. ouch. Then we drove to Deltona and I got to go on exchanges with MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER SLASH DAUGHTER SISTER HART. oh man. She is my number one. ☝🏼 We stayed up in till an amount of morning that I won’t tell you about because then y’all will judge us for being diso. πŸ˜‚
Saturday we taught Barbara and had this dramatic unnecessary goodbye because I told her I might be transferred. She told me she was going to pray I would stay. It worked. We took a picture too. #AdoptedGrandma

Then we contacted some people that thought we were sisters. Picked up a lady named Laura as an investigators. Her daughter Maddison gave us necklaces which we wore all day. Get on our level.

Then we had lunch with the Sebastian family. Junior is on date for November 27th! Whahoo! Then we went to this extremely long Eagle Court of Honor.Β 


The Eagle Court of Honor ended at a Yacht Club. ✌ Check out these sick pics. #ILiveInParadise


Here’s a fish…

Then we drove back to Deltona and I was reunited with HNA Jones.Β 
Sunday we went to church. It’s been almost a month since we’ve had normal meetings so it was nice. After church we had a lesson with Junior and we showed him the font and he is all jazzed to get baptized. Then we had choir practice and ran home for lunch and studies. That evening we taught the Doss family… last time we stopped by they told us to go away… THIS TIME THEY INVITED US RIGHT IN AND ASKED IF THEY COULD SCHEDULE A DINNER WITH US. what? πŸ˜‚ Then we met this sweet YSA named Ansley who is a graphic designer and loves Harry Potter and her and I just became BFFs forever and ever and I was very pleased with life. Then we stopped by the Krainik family and got SURPRISE THANKSGIVING DINNER AND I may have shed a tear or two. #BestDay
So there ya have it. Life is beautiful.Β 
I’m so pumped for this transfer. Watch out Port Orange 🍊. We’re about tear it up in here.
S/O to Briana for getting hitched!Β 
The church is true. That’s all.
Have a swell week. Peace out ✌
-Sister Reid

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