"I’m down…. I’m just tired of playing the donkey" -President Clark 🎄

Dec. 12, 2016
Remember how pumped I was last week that thee SISTER KATHRYN GLOVER was coming to be my companion…
Well my friends…
All of my wildest dreams have come true.
It’s been the single greatest week of my life.
I just can’t get over it.
Like literally EVERYONE told us that it wasn’t going to happen. A few weeks ago we were at a meeting all lined up to get flu shots and Sister Glover and I jokingly went up to Elder Thornock (the AP) and said “Elder Thornock… we’ve received revelation for the mission and God told us we are going to be companions next transfer.”
He laughed at us…
LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW! *whips and nae naes*
And it’s been such a splendid time…. here’s how my week went.
K so MONDAY we went over to Daytona to go ice skating as a zone.
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It was magical. I got to skate around with all my greatest pals and it just felt good to feel cold air and pretend it was winter. I felt like I was on the movie ice princess except for the one part where I wiped out real hard, but it’s fine. (That is the SECOND Zone p-day where I’ve fallen in my face. Haha I’m hopeless.) THEN we walked outside to 85 degree humidity and went on over to the church for a BBQ….
*breaks out into “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana*
Elder Dummer and Elder Goff made us some hotdogs. 🤘🏼 After a wonderful P-Day I saluted my buddy Sister Hart and wished her good luck in her new area. Seriously… I just miss you already my friend. Also S/O to Sister Yance and Carter… my other lovely friends that peace out of the zone. I just love y’all lots and want you to come back. Then Sister Jones and I drove back to NSB and she finished packing all of her belongings into a few suitcases and we were off to teach the world about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 🤘🏼 The Newman’s picked us up and took us to Red Robin because they are SAINTS. I got my number one childhood favorite food clam chowder (ya I know I was an odd child okay…) and then we went and visited our buddy Mark. He’s still convinced we are angels sent from heaven. Then we visited Milady and crew so Sister Jones could say goodbye.
Then we went home so I could attend to my dime sized blisters from previously mentioned ice skating. Have no fear mom… they ALL healed up nicely.
TUESDAY my BEST FRIEND SISTER HEWLETT took us to Cinnamon Tree Café and bought us massive classy crepes. 😋
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Then I said goodbye to Sister Jones. Ya know… it’s hard to say goodbye to someone that you’ve spent three months 24/7 with. Love ya friend. 💛💛 Then I hung out at the Hewlett’s house for a few hours while I waited for SISTER GLOVER TO COME.
*figure skates in a figure eight because I’m so excited to be her companion.”
Sister Glover came and I INSTANTLY KNEW it was going to be a magnificent transfer.
We did all the fun transfer things like try to sync her iPad but not have it work… and go to Walmart twice because we didn’t make a list of what we needed before we left and then forgot a bunch of things. I love transfers. Then we taught Cody. He’s autistic and is just my favorite person. He gave me a dead glow stick as a “friendships bracelet.” I’ve been wearing it all week.
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We also taught a guy named John, and an old man named Ronald who has a thick accent from somewhere… except instead of listening to us talk about Jesus he tried to teach us about all the birds. 😂 Then we visited Tammy and she had us wash dishes with shampoo… 😂😂😂 then we taught Josh.
Then we came home and since Wednesday was #FeedTheHungryDay for the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative we decided to make cupcakes for district meeting. Here is the results in picture form…
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{the pan fell behind the drawer…}
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{we ate too much frosting}
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{we forgot we were taking pictures because the frosting…}
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{sister Glover was all “Sister Reid, I have a present for you! And then whipped out matching crocks! That’s when I KNEW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT I HAD THE BEST COMPANION on. the. planet.}
WEDNESDAY we went to DM. I gave a thought on President’s letter. Here’s the district with our cupcakes.
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The rest of the week is kind of a blur… I remember Wednesday I introduced Sister Glover to the Orbans. Then we were going to find a less active and I accidentally put in the wrong address but we were all “maybe God led us here” so we knocked anyways and GOD DID MOST DEFINITELY LEAD US THERE. We met a guy named Brian who was all “oh come in, here’s some chairs.”
We also taught Zoe and Ross. I can’t remember what else happened on Wednesday.
THURSDAY we road tripped down to Orlando for MLC. We were discussing what we wanted to do for our Christmas Zone Conference and somebody suggested we did a nativity. Sister Davis then whispered “Sister Reid is small enough she could play Baby Jesus!” And then later when we told President about it he just said “I’m down… I’m just tired of playing the donkey!” 😂
I’m telling you friends. I have the coolest mission president.
That evening we taught Sister Gruber and Cassie. Then we met this lady who was in a night gown. Her cat ran outside so she ran to go get it and we had a conversation with her. Then we asked her to pray with us and she was all “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” And we shrugged and were like “ya…” so she ran over to us and grabbed our hands and said this prayer…
“Dear Lord please bless that I get out of here with out anybody seeing me in my nighty…AMEN!”
And then she ran inside real fast and Sister Glover and I were laughing so hard. Then we got in the car when she RAN OUTSIDE AGAIN! She had to change the appointment we had set with her. But then cars started driving by and so she squatted behind our car so no one would see her in her nighty. She was all “oh… there you go! You’ve seen me in my nightly!” Every time a car went by.” LITERAL TEARS FELL OUT OF MY FACE I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD.
FRIDAY we weekly planned for a total of three hours. In the past President Berry had us weekly plan until every minute of our week is full and we have specific planned out lesson plans for every lesson and that usually took all day Friday. BUT President Clark just announced that we are changing it to the standard 2-3 hour planning session. I WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Planning is my least favorite thing because I just want to teach people about Jesus not sit in the apartment all day. #ThanksPresident
After planning we did service for Debi for a few hours. Then we did some finding and got some solid door slams and rude people. Oh it is great to be a missionary!
SATURDAY we had an intense meeting with Elder Dummer and Elder Goff to plan ZTM. I just wish y’all could experience these meetings. They are the most spirit filled meetings ever. EVER. I have the coolest friends.
Then I showed Sister Glover the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in her life.
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We visited our investigator Michael, and Brother Clapp, and Brother Harper, and my buddy Junior and Sister Chilkott, and Ronald (our new investigator that teaches us about birds), and Rod. What a good day.
SUNDAY was grand. Brother Harper came to church. OUR INVESTIGATOR ROBBIE AND HER MEMBER GIRLFRIEND KIM ARE ENGAGED!! are you listening to me? THEY ARE ENGAGED AND ARE GOING TO GET SEALED IN THE TEMPLE SOMEDAY BECAUSE ROBBIE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED NEXT MONTH. I’m really happy about it. After church we delivered invitations for the musical Fireside. Then we helped the Cintron’s with their Christmas decorations and they fed us dinner, then we went to the musical Fireside and so many people came and the music was superb and my heart was just so full of love for these people I’ve been called to serve and full of gratitude for my Savior. Sister Glover and I sang in the choir. I love Christmas.
TODAY we might go to Deltona to hang out with all the peeps… but then again maybe not because miiiiiilllllllllleeeeeeeeessssssssss.
I still can’t get over it.
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Also, our out of context quotes from this week are ON POINT! Please read them.
Out of context quotes:
“She’s buffer than I am!”
“I put my Land Cruiser in water and it grew bigger”
“I don’t like the beans that look like they’re already eaten”
“What do you do when you can’t leave your house except by ambulance?”
“Here eat one… it’s like eating a toothpick”
“I just caught that noodle on fire and God put it out!”
“Sister Reid is small enough that she could play baby Jesus.”
“I’m down…. I’m just tired of playing the donkey” -President Clark
“Everything’s better with a little pig fat!” -President Clark
“Oh… my good”
“Can we pray with you?”
“Dear Lord please bless that I get out of here with out anybody seeing me in my nighty…AMEN!”
*when she hid behind our car so the other cars wouldn’t see her in her nighty*
“He wanted me to take it easy in my tight pants”
“Sparkling flavored soda with a splash of real juice”
“I like your yellow rag.”
“The adventure of sitting in a closet eating a sandwich”
“I got sick the other day and I thought I had a mild case of Ebola”
“I’ll be back…”
“thanks for the threat…”
“It started with Sister Reid in the oven.”
“Jesus Christ has the authority to check people out of school right?”
“How come my nine is capitalized?” “You can’t capitalize a number…”
P.s. I sent out a voice recording this week. If you don’t get it, email my mom.
P.s.s. I’m sending out Christmas cards this week so if you want one of our Christmas cards send me your address!
P.s.s.s. This morning I was in the middle of personal study when Sister Glover started yelling “SISTER REID I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THIS!” And then started yelling about all of the crazy things that were happening in the Book of Mormon and then we just yelled at each other for a few minutes about how much we love the Book of Mormon and I was just incredibly pleased because Sister Glover is just as passionate about the Book of Mormon as I am and it makes for a good time. If y’all haven’t read the Book of Mormon in a while… go read it.
Sister Whitney Reid

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