RM updates

Hello my sweet friends!

I can’t believe I have been home from Florida for seven whole weeks now. What a roller coaster it’s been. I thought it was about time I gave y’all an update on what’s been going on with my life. So here are my updates.

Update #1: Recently I decided I wanted to get into better shape. But then I had a piece of cake for breakfast this morning so that’s obviously going well.

Update #2: I’ve updated my MISSIONARY BLOG (Citrus Fruit Sister) for probably the last time. You can check that out! I’ve also updated my PORTFOLIO WEBSITE so you can check that out too!

Update #3 Since I’ve been home I’ve gone back to coaching tumbling at the gym I’ve loved since I was eleven. I’ve just been substituting classes here and there, but I have absolutely loved seeing all my athletes and how much they’ve progressed.

Update #4 Since it’s summer I’ve just been job hunting and spending a lot of time with friends…. and boys…. but we won’t talk about that. Boys still freak me out. My handshaking days were simpler times. haha

Update #5: Last week I got to attend the wedding of one of my best friend’s in the entire world! Lauren and I have been best friends since we were in diapers and I can’t believe she’s actually married! They were sealed in the Bountiful, Utah temple and I couldn’t be happier for them! Congrats Lauren and Chris! I love you guys!

Lauren and I as babies

Update #6: One of my favorite mission companions returned home last week! I was so incredibly excited to be reunited with her! Welcome home Sister Glover… Aka “Gloves”…. aka “Kathy.”

It was also a blast to be reunited with these cute sisters who also served in the Florida Orlando Mission. Nothing beats partying with my Florida friends!

Shout out to our “gang” the 4ZHomzies!

Update #7: In the fall I’m going to move down to Provo to attend Utah Valley University. My plan is to go into Graphic Design. I’m rooming with a bunch of missionary companions that I LOVE and when I told my Mission President which sisters I was going to room with in college he just laughed and shook his head and said “Oh there’s no hope for that school is there?!?!” and I’m sure he’s right! So stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have some really good stories to share come fall.

Update #8: Like I mentioned earlier, I’m in the process of jumping back into the Digital Media world. It’s a goal of mine to keep this blog more up to date so if you don’t see a post on here for a while feel free to send me angry texts demanding more blog posts. I’m also working on getting back into Photography so if anyone needs Mission pictures or any other photography feel free to give me a call! I recently updated my DIGITAL MEDIA PORTFOLIO that you can check out to see all my latest Photography, Graphic Design, and Web Design projects! I’m also in the process of opening a new Etsy shop so stay tuned for that!

That’s about it! Thanks for all loving I’ve gotten since I’ve been home! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I was still in Florida, but being back in Utah has been pretty great thanks to all the cool cats that have kept me company!

Y’all are the greatest!


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