A new chapter


Hello my lovely friends!

Welcome to brand-spankin’ new corner of the internet!

For the last five years I’ve documented my life over at FeelMySunlight.blogspot.com and what a joy that has been! I’ve journaled my life over there through my junior high years, through my high school adventures, through my years as a competitive power tumbler, through my journey as a tumbling coach, and most importantly, through my experience as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Orlando, Florida.

And what a journey it’s been!

But with 2018 approaching, it’s time for a new chapter!

And for all of those who have been following along over the last five years don’t you even worry… I made sure to transfer over all my archives to this blog! So none of the fun has been lost!

And in addition to creating this lovely website, I’ve also been busy updating my official portfolio site! Which can be found by clicking the link at the top of this blog!

So I guess it’s time for an update about where I’ve been the last little while, and where I am headed!

I returned home from my full-time mission in Orlando Florida last April. I left a piece of my heart there and was forever changed by that experience. After returning back to Utah I spent the summer with my lovely family in Layton Utah. This last August I went on a lovely vacation back to my mission to visit many of the wonderful people I met as well as finally swim in the Atlantic Ocean and visit Disney World. A few days after returning home from that adventure I packed up everything and moved down to school. I now live in Provo, Utah and attend Utah Valley University. I’m studying Graphic Design and am loving everything about life down here in Happy Valley. I’m right in the middle of taking finals for this semester and am proud to say I got 100 percent on my yoga final today. Y’all should be jealous. After this semester I am going to take a semester break to do some graphic design and photography work and to build up my portfolio.

I’m also a coach at a local tumbling gym and if you stick around long enough you’ll probably hear a story or two about my cute students because they are my world. I am still taking lots of pictures and drinking my grapefruit juice every morning. If you see me with headphones I’m either listening to Disney music or the New Taylor Swift Album.

So there ya have it!

Here’s to a new blog! And here’s to a new adventure!

Love ya lots!







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