My Forgotten Carol

Heyyyy there my lovelies!

I hope y’all are getting excited about Christmas!

I’m just cuddled up here on the couch on a Sunday afternoon thinking about The Savior and how magnificent His birth was to the world. All afternoon I’ve been listening to the Forgotten Carols by Michael McClean.

Michael McClean’s music follows the nativity story and the characters from that story that have been forgotten. What would the Inn Keeper say if you asked him his story? Would he encourage the world to let the Savior in? An angel auditions to sing in the choir at the Savior’s birth, but doesn’t make the cut. The Shepherd’s sing about their visits from the angels. Joseph sings shares his feelings about loving Jesus even though he wasn’t the Savior’s father.

As I’ve been sitting here in my tiny apartment surrounded by Christmas lights and Christmas music It’s lead me to wonder… what would my Forgotten Carol be? What story do I have to share about the Savior’s birth?

Just like the Shepherd sings; “I did not go to Bethlehem or hear the Angels sing.”

But what about that one time when I was fourteen when I first knelt and asked if He was really there? I felt Him. I knew. What about that time in High School I testified of the Saviors Birth and felt that burning that confirmed that feeling? What about those times I knelt and asked for forgiveness? Was it not Him that lifted that pain from my shoulders? What about that time I stood as a His full-time representative as a missionary for His church? Did my service in His name lead others closer to Him? What about that time last week that I was having an off day and somebody else followed His example and served me.

Does that not make me a part of the story?

As I sat here pondering all of this it made me realize that we are all a part of the nativity story. I’m sure we all watched patiently from heaven for the birth of our Savior. I’m sure we sang along with the Angels when we heard them sing. I’m sure there were shouts of joy when we knew that He had come as King of King and Lord of Lords to save US from our sins.

And even now, as we share love for each other we continue to keep that story alive. We continue to turn new chapters that made the Savior’s birth and life significant. It’s up to us to keep the story going.

So this Christmas as you sing of Sleigh bells and Christmas Trees, don’t forget to sing of Him.

Because His birth is why you’re here. You are a part of this story.

And to echo the Shepherd I ask;

“Do you think you’ll join us though you’ve not seen a thing? And you were not there in Bethlehem to hear the angels sing. But if you feel this spirit in the air. Then just like me, you’ll know he was here.”

My friend’s I know that He is here.

What part of His story are you going to tell?




P.s. I just wanted to take a quick sec and direct you on over to my Portfolio Site! I recently added a sweet new engagement shoot that I did over the weekend that I am whipping and nae naeing about! #HeartEyesForDays



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