Two hour church, and other lovely blessings

♪ Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Two-hour church and Sunday cuddles with Bae
These are a few of my favorite things ♪

My sweet husband, Josh has been trying to get me to start blogging again lately and I’ve been trying to work up the motivation. See, I super do love sharing my little life on this corner of the internet, but it is so much easy to just sit and eat spoonfuls of Nutella while watching The Office instead.

We all have our weaknesses.

But sharing our life is important to me. So here’s a little life update.

Josh is working his little heart out to get the new Provo target ready to open in about a month! Just before our wedding Josh got a promotion and a new senior team lead position at this new store and we feel oh so blessed to have this opportunity. We know that this definitely is a great blessing. Right now he’s at work probably setting up shelves or something. I’ve been a couple of times to see it and gosh darn it’s such a cute little store! I’m so proud of Josh and all his hard work he’s put in to get here! I’m mostly excited that I don’t have to drive to the next city over to pick him up every night since we only have one car. #Blessings

I’m still coaching tumbling and am loving it. I’m also totally digging this new title of “wife” and enjoy doing all the “wifey things.” Pretty much all I ever want to do these days is cook dinner, snuggle Josh, and watch the Netflix reruns. I also enjoy random dance parties with my husband in the kitchen, going to Sonic late at night to get jalapeno poppers, and taking long romantic walks down every aisle at Target (because I mean, when your husband works there you kind of end up there a lot.)

We’re both plugging away at school right now and somehow managed to get 3/4 of our classes together! I know… what stereotypical Utah newlyweds. We love it. We have Math, Oceanography, and Digital Media together and while Josh takes his Fit for Life class I am in Pilates. There is nothing better than getting to take your best friend to school with you every day.

On a slightly different note,

We’re also very pumped about the church’s announcement that church is going to be two hours instead of three.

In my four months of marriage, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future family and what challenges bringing kids into the world will come. This announcement isn’t just that church is shorter, but that we need to spend more time as a family learning to live the gospel. I know without a doubt that this is the answer to so many of my prayers and know that this is the Lord’s way of strengthening families.

I am reminded of the Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon when it says that “they were taught by their mothers.” It doesn’t say that “they were taught by their Sunday school teachers” or “they were taught by their seminary teachers” but by their MOTHERS.

What a great responsibility it is to be a mother. And I think with this historic announcement God is reminding us just how important a parent’s role is in teaching their children the gospel. We are past the time when what they learn at church will be enough.

Oh how grateful I am not only for my own mother who is without a doubt a superhuman, wedding planning, anxiety reducing, mom-of-the-year, painting, gospel-loving, wizard. But I am also oh so grateful for the wonderful mom that raised my husband to be the man that he is. The world needs more moms like these. I don’t know when I’ll become a mom, but I know that if I have even half of the mom power as these lovely ladies I’ll be alright. I know that God has given me a way to prepare for that.

The Prophet has given us as women a chance to prepare ourselves for this great new responsibility. I think it is no coincidence that he gave us the challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon by December 31st when on January 1st the new Come Follow Me Family curriculum is implemented. And I know from personal experience that his exhortation to attend the temple will bring such great power.

HOW COOL IS THAT!? The Lord knows what He’s doing I think. We are so blessed.

I just think we have some good things going for us right now. The world is good.

So I guess to wrap up this blog post into three phrases you could say, Target is awesome, being a wife is pretty neat, and we can’t freaking wait for two-hour church.



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