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People call me Whitney, Whitney Reid, WhitneySue, White Rice, Reid, WhitAnnie, and Sister Reid. But you can call me Whit. I’m a born and raised Utah girl. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints also known as the “Mormons.”

I am preparing to serve an 18 month mission for my church. I have been called to serve in the Florida Orlando Mission and am so excited for this opportunity to serve God and His children.

Besides my love for the gospel, I am a former competitive power tumbler, or in other words, I do flips. I have been a part of this sport for 11 years and it has taken me to some awesome places and I have met some fantastic people. I now work as a tumbling coach and couldn’t love it more. I coach preschool aged kids all the way through high level competitive athletes. They are my happiness. I thought the best part of tumbling was found at the top of the podium, turns out the best part about tumbling is found when someone calls you coach.

I am in love with anything citrus fruit. If it makes you pucker, I’ll eat it! I love bright colors and yellow is my favorite. I love photography and am a graphic designer in the making. I play guitar and I like to pretend I’m a fameous country singer when I’m all alone. I’m only 4’10” tall and proud of it! I love writing and I believe HTML is a necessary evil.

Stick around and hang out for while. 🙂


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Marie-Rose says:

    Hey Whitney! I just updated my blog button page a little bit, so if you wanted to fix my obnoxiously large button, I have instructions on how to resize it 🙂 sorry it's so big!!!!

    <3 Marie-Rose


  2. WhitneySue says:

    Thanks! I just changed it. I haven't looked at it on my own computer until today so I didn't realize it was big. (Our school district likes to block random pictures.)



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