100th post!

Hey friends! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. THIS IS MY 100TH POST! I thought I’d do something special for my 100th post so I decided I’d write you 100 conclusions that I have made. Some I made recently, some I made a long time ago.

1. People are going to come in and out of your life, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

2. The high school isn’t as big as I thought it was.

3. I realy love temples

4. Work at the gym is more fun than work at the grocery store.

5. You will never think “I’m glad I spent the last two hours on pinterest & facebook!”

6. The hardest part of personal progress is the part where you are almost done.

7. “brocken scriptures don’t belong to brocken people.” –Danielle

8. My friends only decide to come over when I haven’t cleaned my room.

9. I am going to be an EFY counselor when I’m older.

10. There is more to life than tumbling.

11. EFY is the best week of the year, but we can’t sit and wish we where at EFY the other parts of the year, we must apply what we learned at EFY and live.

12. I realy do have the best team in the world.

13. hard work beats tallent when tallent doesn’t work hard.

14. It is impossible to find guitar chords for EFY songs.

15. Protine shakes are gross.

16. I’m a blog addict.

17.  Prayer works.

18. Friends are hard to keep when life gets crazy, but we must always do our best to stick together.

19. There is nothing a long talk with a best friend can’t fix.

20. Telling EFY boys that you are going to compete at National Championships is a good conversation starter when you are forced into those awkward escorting situations.

21. Driving isn’t too bad.

22. Everyone has imperfections. Even me.

23. EFY music is the greatest.

24. If I had to pick only two websights to use for the rest of my life I would pick lds.org & blogger.com.

25. My friends like to sit in the middle of the road when they come to my house.

26. EFY reunions don’t work.

27. I love my ward.

28. Youth Conference can be a good.

29. Reading scriptures with your team mates makes you love them even more.

30. You’re best friends don’t have to be the same age as you.

31. You are going to cry every time your Young Women leaders get released.

32. People change.

33. Money is harder to earn than spend, and saving before hand is recomended.

34. I miss theatre.

35. My legs are long enough to reach the ground. That’s all that matters.

36. When a boy tells you you should where heals more don’t take his advise.

37. Stephs conditioning is my favorite. I’m not kidding.

38. Girls camp is the greatest.

39. I can’t wait to go to Kansas City next year.

40. A 21 mile hike teaches you that you can do anything.

41. You get too many blocks of wood at young womens.

42. It is exciting when you find out that your EFY counselors are dating.

43. I need a desk.

44. I don’t know what I want for my birthday

45. Number 44 is a lie. I wan’t gymnastics tour tickets for my birthday, But I already know I get those, and I don’t know what else I want.

46. Its great when you have friends that have cars and can drive.

47. The frontrunner is a very good thing.

48. The chalk board paint is lost.

49. Summer is over.

50. I want a giant whipe board callender.

51.  This list is harder than I thought it would be.

52. People don’t always do what they say they are going to do.

53. I love my coaches.

54. I will be sad when Ashlie leaves.

55. I will be sad when B leaves.

56. Blingy leotards bring me joy.

57. This computer is hot on my legs.

58. Pop music is so poluted it’s not worth listening too.

59. I have two best friends.

60. I was born 18 days too late.

61. I hate goodbyes.

62. My “2” button is sticky and you have to press it a few times to get a 2 to show up on the screen.

63. Trampoline isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

64. I love Double Mini with Steph and I am super excided to compete this year.

65. Floor is still my favorite.

66. I love our newest “toy” the tumble track!

67. I like when my coaches are in a good mood.

68. I like when my team mates are in a good mood.

69. Your friends don’t understand why your team is so important to you.

70. I’d rather write an essay than do math homework.

71. I love callenders.

72. The church is true.

73. Kjarinda & Randi both changed my life.

74. I don’t want B to move.

75. I will miss Ashlie when she goes on her mission.

76. I enjoy Halestorm Entertainment movies.

77. I’m not ready for school to start.

78. Cherry Hill is more fun with the Daniels

79. The thought of homework makes me want to cry.

80. High School isn’t too bad.

81. Seminary can be great, or boring depending on what YOU do.

82. I have high potential and can do honors classes.

83. High school teachers are easier than my Jr. High teachers.

84. When my Jr. High teacher said that we would forget what happened in Jr. High, but we wouldn’t forget the feeling we felt in Theatre. She was right.

85. High School isn’t as bad as my Jr. friends told me it was.

86. Pray for your friends.

87. Share your testimony as often as you can.

88. Its good to have friends that can drive so your mom doesn’t have to drive you to school.

89. If you have a good experience, or a bad experience is determined by your attitude.

90. When you are 4’9″ you get squashed at high school.

91. Journal everything so you don’t forget.

92. Sleep is manditory, but not always available.

93. Use a planner & stay organized!

94. Go to seminary & PARTICIPATE

95. Be a friend to make friends.

96. Say hi to people.

97. Drink lots of water when tumbling & don’t forget to eat.

98. Pray for people. They feel your prayers.

99. Say thank you.

100. Don’t do anything that would embares you, your family, or your team mates.

HOLY COW THAT WAS HARD! It started out as conclusions that I have made over the years, then it turned into random facts, and my advise on life. But hey I got 100! haha

Feel my Sunlight!

I like to eat perfume.

Whoa! Don’t post for a few days, and you feel like you’ve disappeared from the blogging world. Not that anybody noticed I’m sure. So this is our last week before school starts. Ahhh! I haven’t bought a single new piece of clothing. I know that doesn’t sound like me right? well, my school clothes money that I usually get from my mom went to what I owed her for EFY (and oh so worth it!) I haven’t gotten a paycheck all summer (I get payed this week & next week!) So I have been tentative about spending what little money I do posses. I have been shopping a few times, but haven’t bought any clothes. Although I have bought a few other things.

 Yesterday was my little sisters birthday and she wanted to go shopping. So we went to this store and we where smelling the perfumes. I held the little tester bottle up to my nose to smell it, and I accidentally pressed down on the little nozzle. I sprayed the perfume right into my mouth. Needless to say perfume….tastes DISCUSSING! we laughed and laughed, and I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for a really long time. The funny thing is, I ended up buying the perfume.

So today (as I was wearing that perfume) my friend Carina and I where assigned to teach the lesson for Mia Maids and Laurels. (we combine a lot because we have so few Laurels.) We didn’t know until today that we would be teaching Beehives as well. So Carina and I taught a combined lesson. Can you guess what the lesson was on? Dating! funny thing is neither of us have ever been on a date! haha but it was good and I think we did an okay job.

So there are my two funny stories form the week. Hope you liked them!

Feel my Sunlight

All grown up

Today was an all grown up day. It made me feel old, mature even. I went to the high school with one of my friends, to get our pictures taken, and to find all of our classes for the year. It was fun seeing lots of old friends I haven’t seen all summer. We were in awe at how huge the high school is compared to our little junior high. We wandered around the halls for a few hours, and I think I finally got the hang of it, after getting lost, and turned around a few times. Then after we toured the school I drove my friend home. I! ME! Yes ME, I drove! (Have no fear, my mother in the passenger’s seat) That in and of itself makes one feel old. Then I drove to the post office to drop off some books, then to work. WORK! It was my third day at work. It was good. I contemplated how I am old as I was facing the shelves. So there you have it. That little girl that was scared to cross the street until she was seven, and was the shyest person in the entire universe (I’m no longer shy) Is now going into high school, and working two jobs. This is crazy stuff. Even I think that!
Feel my Sunlight
P.s. So I miss homecoming by 3 days! 3 DAYS! I turn 16 14 days after school starts, and 3 days after homecoming. And am I going? Nope! 🙂 It wasn’t that hard of a decision, mostly because I haven’t been asked yet. But if I do get asked, I’m proud to say I will not go. And that was my decision, not my parents. 🙂

Change- A schedule, and a grocery bag

There are T- 18 days until school starts in my neck of the woods, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Am I really ready for high school? Truthfully I am ready for high school, I just don’t know if I am ready for the stress, and the homework that comes with it. I am excited to see my friends that I haven’t seen all summer. I’m ready to be 16, but I’m not ready in the way of school clothes! (the most important part of back to school!) Here is my schedule…

1.  Harris-     Biology
2.  Follett-    Guitar
3.                 Seminary
4.  Adams-   World Civ
5.  Munns-   Clothing & textiles 1
6.  Price-      Drivers ED/D & Al
7.  Taylor-    Algebra 2
8.  Brown-   English 10 honors

Pretty much every one who has seen my schedule has told me that I have some crazy teachers. Oh help me!

Today I start work at Bowmans. My dad has worked at Bowmans my entire life. One year for Halloween I was a little Bowmans worker, and my little sister was a grocery bag. I was looking through my old scrapbook and found the scrapbook page. Isn’t it just awesome?!

So Whitney now has two jobs (I’m not sure why I wrote that in 3rd person….But I think I’ll leave it.) I feel so old. Lots of things have happened in the last year that have kind of freaked me out, and made me realize I’m not a little kid anymore. For one I went to my first work party, where people brought dates, and spouses! (have no fear, I brought my dad.) I have started thinking about dating, high school, and college. There are many more things like that, but I’m sure you don’t care for me to list them all.

So there is my life, and how it is changing!

Feel my Sunlight


I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever… But I blogged yesterday so I don’t know what that’s all about.

This morning I got up early (okay, okay it wasn’t that early, but come on its summer!) to go boating with some of my teammates. It was me, Teri & her mom, and Kodee & his grandpa. It was Kodee’s grandpa’s boat and let’s just say I had a BLAST! I wake boarded for the first time and I’m not to bad. I’m a little sunburned, and I’m super sore. Thanks so much Kodee for inviting us! & thanks Teri for letting me hitch a ride! I know what your thinking “Whitney! Why didn’t you take pictures?!” but I kinda forgot, and I didn’t really want my camera to get wet anyways.

So I’m staring at this calendar in my room… There’s a problem with it. There are only 4 Saturdays left of summer. 4 SATURDAYS!!! I’m not ready to go back to school! This happened last year. I wasn’t ready to go back, and then I dreamed about summer for the entire school year. But have no fear! I still have girls camp before I have to go back. 1 more trip to keep me sane through the summer. 1 more trip to help me dread going back. Because this has been the best summer ever. And I don’t want it to end! (I feel like I’ve had to say that a lot recently. I also feel like I’ve said a lot of good byes recently too. Maybe it is time for a constant)

So there you have it folks. I’m a pretty good wake boarder, and I’m not ready to start high school. Ahhh! Wish me luck!

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. anyone watch men’s Olympic prelims today?! Pretty awesome! They are in 1st after 1 day of competition. Go team USA! Can’t wait for women’s prelims tomorrow!