Oh my! Life is beautiful; busy, but beautiful. Life is glorious.

Remember when my mom was a rather popular DIY blogger before she dropped off the face of blog land? (Seriously… Check out this post from back in 2008 when I wore super cute scrunchies and my mom taught me how to install door frames. This is quality stuff.) Anyways, since my mom doesn’t post her fancy projects anymore I thought I would. Her latest included a re-painted kitchen table, as well as several re-painted kitchen chairs in various colors. I’m kinda obsessed with the whole miss-matched color thing so I dragged them all outside and stacked them on top of each other. The pictures above are the result.

Life as been a serious balancing act reticently (see what I did there?!), and by “balancing act” I mean there are SO MANY awesome things happening that they are hard to handle. But somehow I’ve managed to keep them all stacked in such a way that they have created quite the entertaining spectacle.

This past week has been so crazy. When you can say you went to a homecoming football game, went zip lining, watched conference (which deserves it’s very own blog post, so stay tuned), went to school, coached 9 tumbling classes, had three meetings, learned about velocity-time graphs, the primary colors of physics, and jig lines, began filming a campaign video for mock elections in Government, started applications for college, and created a video game all in the same week you know you have a busy life. And oh how I’m glad it’s the weekend and that my only tasks for the rest of the day is to finish this blog post and buy myself a new journal.

Me, my cute friends, and our awesome guides after zip lining on Saturday!

So life is busy. But it is so so beautiful.

One of the most beautiful moments of the week was yesterday when my 9 year old sister asked me what the word “apostasy” meant. So I taught her the first discussion from Preach My Gospel. #BOOMBOOMPOW

This was seriously so cool for me. I have practiced teaching this discussion so many times in my mission prep class, but I have never actually taught it to someone that wasn’t just pretending not to know the answers. It was such a real missionary discussion, yet it was extra special because she is my baby sister. I am defiantly going to love the missionary life when it calls.

My second beautiful moment came when I asked one of my tumbling classes what they thought I should be for haloween when one of my 3 year old students shouted “PINK PRINCESS UNICORN KITTY!” I think I might just have to do that.

So I’d say it was a successful week! Long and brutal yes, but also glorious.

feel my sunlight

p.s. Isn’t David Archuleta just the coolest? That song is from the movie Meet the Mormons that premiered in theaters TODAY! I can’t wait to go see it!
p.s.s. For those of you who don’t know. I am a Mormon. Nice to meet you!

soap and lifesavers

The cutest group of girls that you ever did see.

Well, I am done with EFY for this year and let me tell you it has been fantastic! Now, I won’t say it has been the best two weeks of my life because I was told that I should make the week after EFY even better. That is a hard challenge because EFY pretty much rocks, but I accept it.

Now, I won’t give you a layout to what happened each day this week because that’s not the message I want to share, but I will share with you what I feel upon coming home. I have met so many awesome people this year who have changed my life for the better. I feel blessed, I feel loved, I fill lifted, I feel cleaner, and I feel stronger.
I feel cleaner and more refined in this world of dirt and I feel a need to hand out my “soap” to the world and invite others to use it. These scriptures have been my soap from this week. Learn and love them. {And Amberleigh, that soap analogy was for you. *lifesaver!*}

Today I found a reminder that I need to be careful. Today I discovered that our new search engine on our laptop is called “babylon” Now, this reminded me that while there can be good found on the internet, there is enough bad to equal Babylon and that we must be careful if we don’t want our language {or our internet} confounded. I laughed at this, but marveled at its truth. I have already seen the powerful workings of the adversary on Pinterest today and can see that if we aren’t paying attention and watching ourselves, how quickly he could pull us down.  {*lifesaver* to the internet for that analogy!}

But I have also seen good in the world today. I discovered that the first presidency and the quorum of the 12 now have Facebook pages and I liked every one of them. If you are my friend on Facebook expect some scripture love to flood your feed. Today I used the internet to read a blog post about Lemons that I just loved, and I have also used the internet to watch the Emma Smith movie via Netflix and totally recommend you all go watch it! This just goes to show that there is opposition in all things, and that it is our decision on how we want to use it. Choose wisely.

Now my lovely neighbor just brought us cookies with chocolate chips AND m&m’s in them for no particular reason. What a “zion like” thing to do. I don’t know about you but that makes me want to go do something good. What are you going to do?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. EFY, Nationals, Trek, EFY, 4th year hike, girls camp, tumbling camp. Can summer get better? I submit that it cannot.

p.s.s. There are more EFY pictures to come later. 🙂

p.s.s.s. Just so you know, the term “lifesaver* refers to the fact that every time you came up with an analogy for the gospel at EFY our lovely counselor Amberleigh would throw you a lifesaver. Analogies = Lifesavers

Do not dwell

Stolen from the Mormon Channel… I like it.

I know I have written about tumbling quite a bit as of late, but I promise I will try to make it something you can relate with today. At least I will try.

Since my defeat at nationals (and no, I’m not saying I was defeated in the sense that I did terrible and I feel like a failure, I was defeated in the sense that I knew I was better than what my performance showed.) I have gotten a new perspective on things. See, when I first saw my ranking among the best athletes in the nation I was quite disappointed. I was mad at the judges, I was jealous of those select few with the opportunity to stand atop the podium and receive huge shiny medals, I was angry with the girls that I believed should have scored lower than I did, but most of all I was angry with myself. I was fuming on the inside and began to deteriorate and downgrade myself with thoughts about giving up because I might not be the golden girl, and thoughts that I might not ever be good enough. I was destroying my confidence and soon realized that it had to stop. In my anger I decided to put on a happy face and follow the advice from Shawn to enjoy the rest of the trip. I put on a smile and decided that it wouldn’t make any sense to let this ruin my trip so I didn’t let it and I must say It became one of the most fun trips I have ever been on.
When I got home I had a moment of defeat, but I soon had to make a decision. I could either cry and whine about it, or I could turn my defeat into hard work and my hard work into success. I realized that the attitude I bring to the table will be the most important ingredient in my final product and that if I wanted to make something of myself I had to start now. I knew I had the support from many of those around me and that no matter what I was a daughter of God and that if I made the right decisions I would be okay.
I made the decision then and there that I would punch this with everything I had. I made a vow that I would listen to my coaches and do my everything to accomplish what they tell me to do. No matter how terrified I might be. I made the decision that I would train harder than I ever had before.
I have had two days of training since I have made this decision. I have improved my attitude and my effort to listen to my coaches. I have put on tramp shoes once again and called out for help. I even got up early this morning to run with my brother. The results have been great and it has only been two days. The support I have received from Steph and Kodee have helped me regain my confidence and their support helps me push myself to my limits every time I punch off that mat. I love you two and am so thankful for you help! please don’t stop what you are doing. You guys rock.

Now I share this with you mostly because it all that has run through my mind over the last few days, but I also share it for another reason. I share this with you as a proof that your attitude determines your outcome. You can make an excuse for everything. There is always going to be something that hurts or something that doesn’t feel right, but if you give in to those excuses you will never become what you want to become. Some people have it handed to them with raw talent and never have to work hard, Some people just have the ability to do what the judges what to see. I on the other hand, don’t have that raw talent, but I do have a determined attitude. I heard a quote a long time ago that said…

“Hard work        
       beats talent      
      when talent doesn’t            
work hard.”
I intend to be that hard work. What are you going to work hard at?
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. Today Kodee and I legitly convinced one of our girls that Kodee’s real name is Friday. I didn’t think she really believed us but at the end of class she came up to me and said “Friday said I could have three treats.” I almost died.

I have learned

I’m not sure where this post is going to go so I guess we will just flow with it and see where it ends up. It has been a nonstop party for the last three days and I have had a lot to think about. Last night I had a talk with an old friend. I had had a talk with this same friend exactly a year before, the subject the same, but the circumstances very different. We learned this year that the world hits us and it hits hard. We learned that things aren’t always what we think and that we are stronger than we previously thought.
I learned over this last year that my world doesn’t float on a cloud and that that cloud thought I was floating on wasn’t a cloud at all, but a deceiving mist that would soon bring a reality check. I learned that boys aren’t needed to be happy, in fact, they sometimes make you very unhappy. I learned to ignore the taunting about being a part of the VLs and never have been on a date. I learned to accept the fact that the world doesn’t always bring a piece of cake; sometimes it brings a table spoon of “grape” flavored medicine. While this medicine may not taste remotely of grapes, but the tears of small children, it is the only thing that will make you better.  It is the only thing that will make you stronger, and we could all use a little more strength to face the world. I learned that sometimes people are put into your lives for a reason, and sometimes they are taken out of our lives for another reason. I learned that having fewer friends makes you appreciate the ones you do have much more. I learned that sometimes the greatest friendships only last a week, yet still last a lifetime. I learned that there is a lot more to life than the pictures you post on Facebook and that the things people pin on Pinterest are both unrealistic and unattainable, and that they certainly don’t matter in the long run. Because the things that actually matter in life aren’t things that you pin. They are things that you feel. I learned this year that you don’t go to parties to be more popular, you go to parties to strengthen your relationships with the people in your life. I learned that a party can be 5 girls in pajamas in the morning. I learned that people aren’t always who you think they are and sometimes their actions will surprise you. I learned that sometimes people are kind and sometimes the world is good, and that sometimes people are EXTREMELY kind and sometimes the world is EXTREMELY good. I learned that blogging is a very good way to get things off my chest. I learned that while I may not be the greatest singer, and that nobody would ever want to buy my album, I should sing anyways. I learned that guitars can be the most comforting when used correctly. I learned that country music and sunshine make everything feel all right. I learned that fake isn’t fun and that rude isn’t respectable.  I learned to accept the fact that not everyone feels the same as I do and that it isn’t worth it to try to impress everyone. I learned that the things I want the most are things the world would laugh at. I have had my worst days, and I have had my greatest days. While I learned many things this year, the thing I learned about the most is that the greatest work we could do is the work of our Father in Heaven. We have a great responsibility. Let’s get to work.
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. Sorry it has been a few days, like I said, I have been partying hard. Have a fantastic summer!

p.s.s Notice how nothing In this post has anything to do with Columbus or radical numbers? Just saying.

p.s.s.s. I am in a fantastic mood, and have been for three days. Please don’t rain on my parade.

cubical final words

I am sitting at my computer tech cubical for the last time this year and it feels a little odd. It feels odd in the sence that it seems like we have been in school for years and haven’t had a break, yet at the same time it feels as if the school year has flown by. I am supposed to be working on my final project that is due at the end of class today. My teacher has already entered them into our grades to show us what we would get if we didn’t do it. I have an A so we will see how much of that actually gets done. YOLO!

This year has been good, though not my favorite. I have grown a ton this year. {not literally… I’m still only 4′ 9.5″ tall} I have increased much in wisdom. I survived Mr. Conners class and enjoyed every second of it. And well, I learned to drive a car this year {not an easy task}. I have increased in stature by strengthening myself at tumbling as well as recovering from an injury so I could compete. I have increased in favor with man by learning to talk to people more and to say hi to other first. And I think the thing I have increased the most is in favor with God. It has been a great year for strengthening my testimony and I am proud to say I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and I know the church is true.

I thought I’d share with you something I thought was funny.

This is my blog.
Scroll down a bit and you will find this.



Now notice the thing circled in red.

I find this funny. There is supposed to me a Book of Mormon there. The school district has blocked the Book of Mormon link at the school. I’ll show them!


The Book of Mormon
Here is the picture
Here is the link ————————->
Have a great last bit of school!
See you on the Flipside!
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. ya, not much work was done this class period. At least I worked on my computer skills right?

snaps and claps

Look at this people! Third blog post in TWO DAYS! I am on a roll! Please check out my fundraiser post! I would love your help if you live near me. Y’all are the greatest.

So can anyone guess where I am? That’s right! Computer tech! My teacher just turned off the “internet” little does she know that blogger still works. {muahaha} So I am blogging. She says we have to do extra credit when we are done. I’m sorry, but I refuse… I already have an A. {I know, I know, I am a terrible student.}

So it is Wednesday. Sadly, it isn’t Friday yet, but we are getting there. Endure to the end my friends. I can’t wait for the weekend to come, why is it so far away? I will stop there so I don’t make any of you cry.

I have spent my time in class scrolling through the pictures of blue lily photo at These guys are pro and I can’t get over how great they are. I have tried to mimic their photography as of late and my photography teacher keeps marking me down saying “your pictures are too light.” Well teacher, all I have to say is “feel my sunlight”. {See what I did there?}

I don’t really know where this post is going. I guess I will leave you with my favorite poem. Last year I was known for always presenting tumbling powems in theatre. I love them and this was my favorite.

Patience is man’s greatest virtue
Or so the saying goes,
A gymnast must have said it,
For a gymnast surely knows.
That in this funny sport of ours
Discouragement runs high,
And at times the very best
Will find the virtue’s passed her by.
When hands are ripped and throbbing
And every muscle sore
Can a gymnast still have patience
To limp back in for more.
Can you admit you’re frightened
Yet not give into fears
Can you conquer pain, frustrations
And often even tears.
When someone else does something
You’ve tried so long to do
Can you feel really glad for her
And not just pity you.
When you’ve lost old moves
You used to do
And progress seems so slow
Can you still have faith in better days
And not feel so sad and low.
And when success seems so far away
Your efforts all in vain
Can you force yourself to wear a smile
And disregard the pain.
If despite these tribulations
You can say, “I won’t give in”
Someday you will discover
That it’s now your turn to WIN.
Snaps and claps people, snaps and claps.
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. Anyone want to buy Fat Boys??? Click HERE!!! :)

Is there enough evidence?

I went to the morning side this morning. It was fantastic. We were asked a question that I would like to forward to you.
If you were going to court
      to be tried for              
                being a Mormon,           
would there be                       
       enough evidence
                                       to proove you                    
I’d like to think there would be. For starters, I was at the morning side this morning, and I have on a modest dress, a CTR ring, and my young womens medalion. I hope nobody would mistake me as anything else but a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I’m true, are you?

Now I am in photography on the enterweb network blogging and not doing photography… Pandora is playing my church music playlist {evidence!} and I am loving life! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I love my team… have I said that before?