blogtember day 2 (because starting with 1 is overrated.)

One word. Redundant. That’s what I feel about my day today.

So remember that whole Blogtember thing I was supposed to start yesterday? Ya I promise I didn’t forget about it. I simply had this fantastic idea that since the prompt was “where are you from” I would upload all these photos of me from my childhood. I spent a long long time going through old pictures, even longer trying to take good pictures of them (with my iPod, so you can all imagine how great they turned out, and even longer trying to figure out how to get them all from my iPod to my blog. (My blog app wouldn’t let me upload that many, and apparantly you can’t copy and paste from the “synched with phone” feature on facebook.) I tried and tried and eventually got so frustrated I turned off the computer and went to bed, therefor, no blog post.

But the rules did say there are no rules, so I am now making up the rule that I get to miss the first day. (Atleast it’s not something too important like the first day of school right?) So here is day 2.

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

If I could take three months off from my current life (I am going to add here that money is limitless in this situation, and also that it is summer. Because EFY happens in the summer.) I would probably spend a portion of it attending sessions of EFY and the other portion of it in other countries volunteering at orphanages around the world. That’s about it.

 Now, because this isn’t actually true, I now have to go get ready for work. I promise to give you a better post tomorrow. I feel like this one is slacking a little, but I’m out of time. I love you all! Go read your scriptures!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I really enjoy sign language. #ASLlife

eternally changed

Well my friends, I survived schoooool!! (The first week at least). And I am so glad it’s Friday.

It’s hard to keep up a blog with Honors, AP, and CE classes. Especially when I don’t have any classes where I just sit at a computer the whole period like I did last year. That is, except for CE digital media, where we actually made blogs for class. That was kinda fun. CE digital media is kinda the best class ever, I mean, we made blogs for crying out loud!!!

So I am sitting here at the sunny yellow computer desk at 10:36 at night planning on writing a blog post. Lets see how this turns out.

This week has been crazy. And by crazy I mean stressfully phenomenal, dreadfully stupendous, hopefully wonderful, excitingly tiring, newly tedious, and strangely not that bad. I actually love most of my classes and I got some pretty dang good teachers this year. I am predicting it is going to be a fantastic year and I can’t wait.

I learned something this morning while I was reading my scriptures. (5:30 am scripture study is where it’s at! Brown Sugaring it up! By far the sweetest part of the day.)

In 1st Nephi 3:29-31 Laman and Lemuel are visited by an angel, and immidiatly following the angels diparture they begin to go back to complaining and begin to revert to their old ways.

I sometimes wonder how many times we do this in our own lives. How many times do we have a very spiritual experience that seems to change us, but then immediately revert back to our old ways when trial comes? How many EFY sessions, treks, girls camps, and youth conferences experiences have “changed our lives” but, in the end leave us unchanged? How many times do get home from church and begin to block out everything we felt that day?

I think this is something we could all work on a little. There is always room to change, but we must remember to remain changed when the wave hits. We must be able to not just remember what we felt, but to feel it again and again as the rocks begin to crumble. If we strive to hold on, how much easier it will be to hold our ground in this crazy war of life.

I often joke that I wish I could just go to EFY all year long instead of school because I love the atmosphere and everything about EFY while I’m there. But I think we can create that same kind of atmosphere in our daily lives if we are doing whats right.

I was once told that I should make the week after EFY the greatest week of my life because that’s when I get to apply what I learned. If you have ever been to EFY you know that the week after is always the hardest week because that is when you are thrown back into the world of immodest clothing, bad language, idleness, and temptation. When you are thrown back into a world where the less virtuous choices are easiest and sin surrounds you. But I truly believe that we can see an angel, and be forever changed by it.

I decided to make this my goal for the next week. (and forever hopefully) To always be remembering and having spiritual experiences and not sitting and waiting for next years EFY to have another one. When I was baptized I was given the gift to have the constant companion of the Holy Ghost. Why on earth would I want to only use this gift every once and a while?

I have a testimony of this gospel and it’s changing powers. I know that it is the only true church and that it can change lives. I know that if we strive to live what’s right, we will be forever changed.

On an entirely different note, please take a second to look at this picture. These girls are from all over the nation. They are all from different teams, and they are supposed to be rivals. But regardless of all of that they still support one another and have peptalks before competition. I think the world needs a little bit more of this kind of awesome.

Jr Elite Girls at the Stars and Stripes Cup today

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. This blog post from NieNie just about sums up what I think about TV. And people wonder why I don’t watch TV.

p.s.s. I went to the football game tonight and we lost sadly. But I got a cookie dough shake so I’m happy.

forsaken week, and the first day of school

 I’m sorry I’ve forsaken you this week, I really am! This last week was crazy fun and jam packed with awesome. I could blame my lack of posts on that, but in reality, I was just lazy when it came to posts. Sorry.

So this last week I did a few things in my final attempts at living it up in my last days of summer. I mean, I went to the temple! I know that’s not most peoples idea of “living it up” but it’s sure mine! It was the highlight of my week just as it always is.

It was also my cool sister Danielle’s 15th birthday on Sunday. Here is a picture of her with a fry that looks like a hat from her birthday dinner. Happy birthday beautiful sister of mine!

happy birthday Danielle!!!

I also had the opportunity to run The Color Run 5K in Salt Lake City with my dad and one of my best friends Lauren. That was so much fun! They aren’t kidding when they say it is the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”.

…After…. (sorta)
…The REAL after!
race swag
color color color
CTR remains clean!
Be happy
Be really happy

We got covered in colorful cornstarch and my hair (as well as my armpits, and pretty much everywhere else on my body) turned an awesome sickly color of green. I washed my hair 3 times before realizing my hair was going to need special treatment. When talking to Amberleigh (one of my super amazing EFY counselors, whom I love lots and lots.) days before going to school I realized that there was a large chance I would be going to school on Monday with green hair, I also realized that the situation wasn’t going to change, but the way I looked at the situation would determine what I made of it. I thought of a quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley…

             The only way to get through life is to               
          laugh your way through it.             
                         You either have to laugh or cry.          
         I prefer to laugh as      
crying gives me a headache.      
                         -Marjorie Hinckley

While I wanted nothing more than to go to school not looking like I had dip dyed my hair in pureed green beens, I knew that I needed to have a positive attitude, or I would ultimately have a terrible first day of school. I decided then and there that I would laugh about it. 

Now, I tried everything. Lemon juice, baby oil, hot oil treatment, 8 time shampooing and conditioning my hair, and lotion. Oh, and a few prayers. The lotion and the prayers helped the most and I was so blessed to go to school this morning with BLOND HAIR! I was more than pleased. So if you ever get green cornstarch in your hair that dyes it green, put lotion in it and start to pray. Ha
Me, in the truck, about to drive myself to my first day of Junior year. Crazy stuff.
 So like I said, today was the first day of school. It was surprisingly one of my better first days of school that I’ve ever had. I was not happy about ending my summer of fun, but I think it will be a pretty good year this year. (I mean, when you have a volunteer from an outlying district, that’s something you can’t ignore. #namethatmovie) But it really was a darn good day. I mean, I had TWO missionary experiences at school today and it was only the first day of school. Life is good. team mates make things fun. School is good. I hope tomorrow brings the same amount of joy as today did. Go read your scriptures, say your prayers, remember who you are, and so on, and so forth, and whatnot, and what have you. I love you all!
Feel my Sunlight 
p.s. I love people. Like a whole lot. And if you are reading this, you are one of those people I love a whole lot.

I have learned

I’m not sure where this post is going to go so I guess we will just flow with it and see where it ends up. It has been a nonstop party for the last three days and I have had a lot to think about. Last night I had a talk with an old friend. I had had a talk with this same friend exactly a year before, the subject the same, but the circumstances very different. We learned this year that the world hits us and it hits hard. We learned that things aren’t always what we think and that we are stronger than we previously thought.
I learned over this last year that my world doesn’t float on a cloud and that that cloud thought I was floating on wasn’t a cloud at all, but a deceiving mist that would soon bring a reality check. I learned that boys aren’t needed to be happy, in fact, they sometimes make you very unhappy. I learned to ignore the taunting about being a part of the VLs and never have been on a date. I learned to accept the fact that the world doesn’t always bring a piece of cake; sometimes it brings a table spoon of “grape” flavored medicine. While this medicine may not taste remotely of grapes, but the tears of small children, it is the only thing that will make you better.  It is the only thing that will make you stronger, and we could all use a little more strength to face the world. I learned that sometimes people are put into your lives for a reason, and sometimes they are taken out of our lives for another reason. I learned that having fewer friends makes you appreciate the ones you do have much more. I learned that sometimes the greatest friendships only last a week, yet still last a lifetime. I learned that there is a lot more to life than the pictures you post on Facebook and that the things people pin on Pinterest are both unrealistic and unattainable, and that they certainly don’t matter in the long run. Because the things that actually matter in life aren’t things that you pin. They are things that you feel. I learned this year that you don’t go to parties to be more popular, you go to parties to strengthen your relationships with the people in your life. I learned that a party can be 5 girls in pajamas in the morning. I learned that people aren’t always who you think they are and sometimes their actions will surprise you. I learned that sometimes people are kind and sometimes the world is good, and that sometimes people are EXTREMELY kind and sometimes the world is EXTREMELY good. I learned that blogging is a very good way to get things off my chest. I learned that while I may not be the greatest singer, and that nobody would ever want to buy my album, I should sing anyways. I learned that guitars can be the most comforting when used correctly. I learned that country music and sunshine make everything feel all right. I learned that fake isn’t fun and that rude isn’t respectable.  I learned to accept the fact that not everyone feels the same as I do and that it isn’t worth it to try to impress everyone. I learned that the things I want the most are things the world would laugh at. I have had my worst days, and I have had my greatest days. While I learned many things this year, the thing I learned about the most is that the greatest work we could do is the work of our Father in Heaven. We have a great responsibility. Let’s get to work.
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. Sorry it has been a few days, like I said, I have been partying hard. Have a fantastic summer!

p.s.s Notice how nothing In this post has anything to do with Columbus or radical numbers? Just saying.

p.s.s.s. I am in a fantastic mood, and have been for three days. Please don’t rain on my parade.

Last day of school

city creek a the beginning of the year

Well, this is it. One year later and there are no more tears. Our last day of school has come and I couldn’t be happier. It is a very different feeling than last year. Last year consisted of mushy gushy feelings like THIS and, THIS. But today I don’t think I will cry at all. To tell you the truth I still long for my Jr. High days because they tasted so sweet, but nevertheless, life goes on.

It has been a good year. If you would have asked me at the end of last year what I would have thought this year would bring I would have a very different answer than what really happened. I would have thought I’d at least gone on one date. I thought I would just have a million friends, I didn’t know quitting theatre would have such an effect on my social group. Though some of this year has been bitter, It wasn’t all bad. I wouldn’t have thought I’d have gotten this close to my small group of friends and I wouldn’t have thought I’d have met my childhood idol! This year has proven to be great for our little group of 5. I eat lunch in the park every day and I drive a minivan to school. Boys don’t talk to me much, but the ones that do mean so much more to me. It wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it was good nonetheless. Now I can’t wait until summer!

Kellog’s Tour. BEST DAY EVER!

Now while my time at the school wasn’t my favorite, the time at the gym was. This year there has been a few changes and I am now one of the oldest. I have made many close friends this year that I have never had with anyone from tumbling before. I have become much better friends with my Co-workers and we have a blast every day. I can always count on them to pick me up when school doesn’t go the way I plan. I know I made the right decision to continue in this and not theatre, even though it was difficult. I love you guys! And Stirfry, you will make a fantastic missionary! We are so proud of you!

So I don’t know where that leaves me. Back in the gym I suppose? After the initial pool party, the burning of the homework, and the inevitable sun burn I guess I’ll find myself back in the gym 4+ days a week and blogging often. I’ll attend EFY, girls camp, 4th year hike, trek, National Championships, and possibly EFY again this summer, but other than that you will find me in the gym. It will be one of the greatest summers ever, but then again, every summer is the greatest in my book.

Thanks for a great year guys! See you next September!




Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Is it bad that I think I’m more sad about finishing the last season of Jonas LA last night than I am about the school year ending?

Almost going to go insane

Well my friends, It has been four days since I last wrote. I know you have all been sitting at your computers waiting in suspense for me to post. Now where to start?

Lets start with the fact that we are almost done with this school year, when I say almost I mean I am almost going to go insane. I am ready for The Color Run, and mission farewells. I am oh so ready for EFY, 4th year hike, trek, girls camp and the US Power Tumbling National Championships. I am ready for summer training and I am ready to have the opportunity to sleep. These final weeks in school are just painfull. I can hardly focus on anything. Sorry Teachers.

This weekend starts the Elite Challenge. The Elite Challenge is well, just that, an elite challenge. My fab coach, Steph, is competing and is going to do fantastic! Texas had better watch out. We love you Steph! Good Luck!

On that note can anyone guess what next weekend is? That’s right! Regional Championships! Whoo! Flipside is going to Vegas! This will be our final step on our road to Kansas City Missouri for National Championships this July. Ahhh! Oh and if anyone would like to help support our team in fundraising for National Championships click HERE. {And no, I am not going to Morp, incase you were wondering, I will be in Vegas.}

I was going to post a cool video here, but I guess it will have to wait until later. I’m at school you see, and at school the fantastic thing called YouTube doesn’t exist.

So my mind is pretty much stuck on tumbling right now and I’m pretty sure it isn’t coming out. So I will end here. Enjoy this picture of my team being super awesome at City Creek. I am the one on the far left. Admire my perfect handstand.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Congrats to all of you out there going on missions or getting married! There are lots of you and I am excited. Congrats! I love you all.


    “If the teacher
does not           
 the students 
 do not               
            –Mr. Child
We are at the end of third term and we are on our third science teacher. Our first one quit to go live on a cruise ship and the second one was never actually a teacher, just a long term sub. He got his name on our schedules, but never taught the class. Instead, he gave us study guides and we had to teach our selves. We now have a new teacher named Mr. Child. He has already taught us something {whoa! Teach?!? Now that’s something we are not used to.} We might have hope for the end of levels now. Maybe.

So here is my message to all those teachers out there: TEACH! Please don’t rely on the book to do it for you. We’d all really appreciate it.

Now back to the whole “end of the term thing”. Is anyone else really stressed about their grade in Mrs. Brown’s class? I’m pretty sure her goal is to ruin everybody’s GPA. Would somebody please bake the pregnant lady a cake or something so she will be happy when she grades our essays? #shehatesus

That’s all from me! Have a happy Friday tomorrow! {aka the-day-we-were-supposed-to-have-off-but-don’t-because-we-took-a-snow-day-we-didn’t-need-and-now-have-to-make-it-up.}

Feel my Sunlight