Social media fast


As I listened to General Conference with my cute husband we listened as the Prophet of the church challenged all the women of the church to go on a 10-day social media fast. As well as power read the Book of Mormon and start attending the temple more regularly.

{here’s President Nelson’s full talk if you missed it}

What. for real? 10 days?

Ok but like… I don’t know about any of you, but 10 days is a long time not to check Facebook.

See, I have a condition called F.O.M.O. otherwise known as “The Fear of Missing Out.” It’s a disease that is becoming more and more common in today’s society and scientists have recently discovered that it is contagious and is often transferred person to person by means of Social Media.

Side effects include constantly checking my phone to see how many notifications I have. Scrolling through news feeds left and right all while comparing myself to this girl that has this and that girl that did that and what’s-their-bucket who looks oh so cute in their hot dang new profile picture. Constantly exposing myself to the relentless message that I’ll never be tall enough, strong enough, pretty enough, happy enough, kind enough, mean enough, tough enough, rich enough, or boujee enough to make it in this sick twisted world. It means I sit glued to my phone wondering who out there is having fun without me and wondering to myself why I’m not apart of all the fun. It means stressing about imaginary things I could be missing out on while being oblivious to the real parts of life that I am actually missing out on.

It’s a wonder to me why, if simply engaging in social media causes so many negative side effects, we don’t need to see a doctor before using it in the first place.

But here’s the thing.

All that ish is fake as can be.

A little over 10 days ago I found myself snuggled up on the couch with my sweet husband as we watched the woman’s session of General Conference (bless Josh for being a loving enough husband to watch it with me. I love him) When the Prophet of the Church, who I might add is literally a HEART SURGEON AKA MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, told the women of the church we ought to take a break from drugging ourselves with this toxic practice.

So I did.

And this is what I learned.

I learned that I am so much happier when I don’t let stupid media weigh me down. I started to believe my husband’s compliments more. And I started to talk a little kinder to myself. I started to be more present when I was in social situations. I became a better listener. I also learned that I am more sensitive to the spirit when I’m not so worried about social media.

I learned that social media, for me at least, has an addictive effect on me. For the first couple days, I found myself trying to fill the void. I felt like I was going through withdrawals. I would get on my phone and subconsciously start looking for my social media apps only to realize they weren’t there. I decided that since President Nelson had also challenged us to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, that each time I got on my phone out of habit to scroll through Facebook I would force myself to open up my gospel library app and read at least a scripture or two. I did this no matter where I was at. Sitting in math class. Sitting at work surrounded by co-workers. Sitting on the toilet. You name it.

I am amazed by how much I got into the scriptures this week. They seemed to come alive. They seemed to relate to my life more because I was making them a part of my life more.

At one point during the week, I was reading from the Book of Mormon about Nephi making his “Account” and why it was so important to God that he did. I laughed as I imagined God commanding Nephi to create “Social Media Accounts” on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. I read as Nephi and his brothers sneak into Laban’s house to get an “Account” of their ancestors and imagined how funny it would have been if that meant Nephi was sneaking into Laban’s computer to hack his Twitter account.


I learned that the reason Nephi cared so much about his “accounts” was because he cared about sharing the gospel with his posterity. He just wanted to fulfill God’s commandment to bring the gospel to others.

It made me evaluate my own “accounts”

Do I spend my time on Facebook and Instagram trying to lift others up, or tear myself down? Are the things I post adding to the “record of my people” or are they merely an attempt at self-promotion in order to make myself feel better about not being as cool as so-and-so?

See, I don’t think that Social media is in and of itself evil. But it really just depends on how we use it. I think that the whole point of social media in the first place was so that we could record the things we do with “Our people” I think saving pictures of events and sharing stories makes these accounts rich and worth reading. I think that these “accounts” can promote faith. I think that together we can lift each other up and together we can come closer to the Savior as we make these changes in our lives.

It looks different for everyone, but I feel that as we all follow promptings we can make the social media world a more spirit-filled place to be. I imagine what Tweets and Facebook posts will look like for those who reside in the Celestial Kingdom. I imagine there will be a lot more family pictures and a lot less family gossip. I imagine we’ll share more videos of our children instead of sharing so many pointless videos of people doing makeup. I imagine it will be a lot less about our OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and a lot more SOTD (Scripture Of The Day). I imagine everyone commenting kind words to each other. I imagine us not basing our self-worth on “Likes” but hitting “Like” more often in order to stand with our brothers and sisters about things that we believe in.

And I believe all of this can start right now.

So here’s to more gospel-centered accounts.

What did you learn from your social media fast?



Two hour church, and other lovely blessings

♪ Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Two-hour church and Sunday cuddles with Bae
These are a few of my favorite things ♪

My sweet husband, Josh has been trying to get me to start blogging again lately and I’ve been trying to work up the motivation. See, I super do love sharing my little life on this corner of the internet, but it is so much easy to just sit and eat spoonfuls of Nutella while watching The Office instead.

We all have our weaknesses.

But sharing our life is important to me. So here’s a little life update.

Josh is working his little heart out to get the new Provo target ready to open in about a month! Just before our wedding Josh got a promotion and a new senior team lead position at this new store and we feel oh so blessed to have this opportunity. We know that this definitely is a great blessing. Right now he’s at work probably setting up shelves or something. I’ve been a couple of times to see it and gosh darn it’s such a cute little store! I’m so proud of Josh and all his hard work he’s put in to get here! I’m mostly excited that I don’t have to drive to the next city over to pick him up every night since we only have one car. #Blessings

I’m still coaching tumbling and am loving it. I’m also totally digging this new title of “wife” and enjoy doing all the “wifey things.” Pretty much all I ever want to do these days is cook dinner, snuggle Josh, and watch the Netflix reruns. I also enjoy random dance parties with my husband in the kitchen, going to Sonic late at night to get jalapeno poppers, and taking long romantic walks down every aisle at Target (because I mean, when your husband works there you kind of end up there a lot.)

We’re both plugging away at school right now and somehow managed to get 3/4 of our classes together! I know… what stereotypical Utah newlyweds. We love it. We have Math, Oceanography, and Digital Media together and while Josh takes his Fit for Life class I am in Pilates. There is nothing better than getting to take your best friend to school with you every day.

On a slightly different note,

We’re also very pumped about the church’s announcement that church is going to be two hours instead of three.

In my four months of marriage, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future family and what challenges bringing kids into the world will come. This announcement isn’t just that church is shorter, but that we need to spend more time as a family learning to live the gospel. I know without a doubt that this is the answer to so many of my prayers and know that this is the Lord’s way of strengthening families.

I am reminded of the Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon when it says that “they were taught by their mothers.” It doesn’t say that “they were taught by their Sunday school teachers” or “they were taught by their seminary teachers” but by their MOTHERS.

What a great responsibility it is to be a mother. And I think with this historic announcement God is reminding us just how important a parent’s role is in teaching their children the gospel. We are past the time when what they learn at church will be enough.

Oh how grateful I am not only for my own mother who is without a doubt a superhuman, wedding planning, anxiety reducing, mom-of-the-year, painting, gospel-loving, wizard. But I am also oh so grateful for the wonderful mom that raised my husband to be the man that he is. The world needs more moms like these. I don’t know when I’ll become a mom, but I know that if I have even half of the mom power as these lovely ladies I’ll be alright. I know that God has given me a way to prepare for that.

The Prophet has given us as women a chance to prepare ourselves for this great new responsibility. I think it is no coincidence that he gave us the challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon by December 31st when on January 1st the new Come Follow Me Family curriculum is implemented. And I know from personal experience that his exhortation to attend the temple will bring such great power.

HOW COOL IS THAT!? The Lord knows what He’s doing I think. We are so blessed.

I just think we have some good things going for us right now. The world is good.

So I guess to wrap up this blog post into three phrases you could say, Target is awesome, being a wife is pretty neat, and we can’t freaking wait for two-hour church.



Mr. and Mrs. Drebot

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And there ya have it….

I’m a Drebot now. Whitney Reid Drebot to be exact. Drebot is pronounced like the “Dre” in “Dreadlocks” and “Bow” like the kind you put in your hair. (Maybe even your dreadlocks if you have them. *winky face*) The “T” is silent. And if that’s still confusing… just make something up.

I married the man of my dreams exactly 1 month ago today.

invite pic
The front of our wedding invitation
frisbee to forever
The back of our wedding invitations

What a beautifully magnificent wonderful fantastic day it was. And what a dream it has been ever since.

It’s the little things.

The other night we went to bed super late after a long day of work for the both of us. I got to bed first and was curled up under the blankets when Josh came walking in the room toating one of our new cookbooks under his arm. I couldn’t stop laughing as he curled up in bed next to me and started reading me the cookbook. He read me random recipes until I fell asleep. Those are the moments I live for in marriage.

This last month we’ve been working away at organizing our new lives. We’ve been organizing our new apartment and sorting through all of our wonderful gifts and presents given to us by all of our generous family and friends and we are overwhelmed with how many wonderful people we have in our lives. We are SO GRATEFUL for all the magnificent people who helped make our wedding such a dream. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those who made the day so special. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at our sealing, thank you to Josh’s Grandpa for organizing a wonderful luncheon, and thank you to those who helped us pull off my dream reception, including my genius mom and Aunt Mary who were the mastermind behind such beautiful decorations (pictures coming soon), everyone who contributed their talents or skills to help us pull it off, those who came early to set up, those who stayed late to help take it down, those who spent the night making homemade donuts for everyone, and last but not least, everyone who came, danced, and shared the special night with us.

Each of you mean so much to us and we are so grateful that we have you.

Thank you front

So…. now what?

I am still coaching tumbling at High Altitude Tumbling and love every second I get to spend with the talented athletes I work with every day. Josh is still working at Target and is excited for upcoming adventures with his new promotion and the opportunity he gets to help open a new store this fall. We love dates. We love spending time with family. We love sharing cheese. Our favorite shows right now are Shark Tank and Queer Eye. We love slow dancing in the kitchen. And we love hanging out with our married couple friends. More than anything, we love each other and we love that we are finally a family.

My goal is to be a little more present on here now that the wedding’s over. We’ve had a running joke in my family that whenever we talk about something we need to do someone responds with “after the wedding”… “Mom, are you going to cook dinner tonight”….”We’ll make dinner after the wedding”…”We really need to do laundry”…”after the wedding”…”I really need new shoes”…”You can get some after the wedding.”

Well, here we are, after the wedding.

So maybe I’ll start with a couple posts of our beautiful pictures taken by our ever so talented wedding photographer, Ashley Hawks. Maybe we’ll share some stories of Josh making delicious meals from his cookbook he reads to me late at night, or the dinners I make that end up setting off the smoke alarms. Maybe we’ll work a wedding video in there somewhere. Maybe a few scriptures will be mixed in here and there. Maybe I’ll share stories to make you laugh, or maybe they’ll make you cry.

So here it begins…

The story of Mr. and Mrs. Drebot.

My Forgotten Carol

Heyyyy there my lovelies!

I hope y’all are getting excited about Christmas!

I’m just cuddled up here on the couch on a Sunday afternoon thinking about The Savior and how magnificent His birth was to the world. All afternoon I’ve been listening to the Forgotten Carols by Michael McClean.

Michael McClean’s music follows the nativity story and the characters from that story that have been forgotten. What would the Inn Keeper say if you asked him his story? Would he encourage the world to let the Savior in? An angel auditions to sing in the choir at the Savior’s birth, but doesn’t make the cut. The Shepherd’s sing about their visits from the angels. Joseph sings shares his feelings about loving Jesus even though he wasn’t the Savior’s father.

As I’ve been sitting here in my tiny apartment surrounded by Christmas lights and Christmas music It’s lead me to wonder… what would my Forgotten Carol be? What story do I have to share about the Savior’s birth?

Just like the Shepherd sings; “I did not go to Bethlehem or hear the Angels sing.”

But what about that one time when I was fourteen when I first knelt and asked if He was really there? I felt Him. I knew. What about that time in High School I testified of the Saviors Birth and felt that burning that confirmed that feeling? What about those times I knelt and asked for forgiveness? Was it not Him that lifted that pain from my shoulders? What about that time I stood as a His full-time representative as a missionary for His church? Did my service in His name lead others closer to Him? What about that time last week that I was having an off day and somebody else followed His example and served me.

Does that not make me a part of the story?

As I sat here pondering all of this it made me realize that we are all a part of the nativity story. I’m sure we all watched patiently from heaven for the birth of our Savior. I’m sure we sang along with the Angels when we heard them sing. I’m sure there were shouts of joy when we knew that He had come as King of King and Lord of Lords to save US from our sins.

And even now, as we share love for each other we continue to keep that story alive. We continue to turn new chapters that made the Savior’s birth and life significant. It’s up to us to keep the story going.

So this Christmas as you sing of Sleigh bells and Christmas Trees, don’t forget to sing of Him.

Because His birth is why you’re here. You are a part of this story.

And to echo the Shepherd I ask;

“Do you think you’ll join us though you’ve not seen a thing? And you were not there in Bethlehem to hear the angels sing. But if you feel this spirit in the air. Then just like me, you’ll know he was here.”

My friend’s I know that He is here.

What part of His story are you going to tell?




P.s. I just wanted to take a quick sec and direct you on over to my Portfolio Site! I recently added a sweet new engagement shoot that I did over the weekend that I am whipping and nae naeing about! #HeartEyesForDays