Our Love Story

The dream of having this little business originated from my own love story. In 2017 a cute boy threw me a frisbee that had a note on it that said he was looking for a date for the next day and if I was available I should write my name and number on the back. Of course with a beginning as unique as that it’s no surprise that we fell in love quickly. We later got married and had a beautiful wedding in the Bountiful Utah Temple. This is my love story! It was from falling in love and getting married myself, that I realized how much I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I love love stories and I want to help capture yours!

“It all started with a frisbee…”

Frisbee Boy Part 1

Frisbee Boy Part 2

Frisbee boy Part 2.5 (Josh’s perspective)

Frisbee Boy Part 3

Frisbee Boy Part 4 (the engagement)

Josh and Whit Engagement Video

Our Engagement Pictures

Our First Look video

Our First Look Pictures

Our Formal Pictures

Our Wedding Day Pictures

Mr. and Mrs. Drebot


Wedding photos by Hawkeye Photography

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